Change13 Months ’til 40 – Turning the page on another decade . . .

Today marks 13 months until I turn the BIG 4-0 and had you asked me about six months ago how I felt about that my response, most likely, would have been TERRIFIED!  I mean, HOLY CRAP, WHEN DID I GET OLD!?!  (no need for Negative Nelly comments, I know 40 isn’t really old)  Now, I embrace the next year approaching the new chapter in the journey of life in turning 40.

Since the beginning of 2013, just 36 short days ago, I have made so many changes that my head is spinning.  For the better mind you, but still, it seems like a large weight has been lifted from my shoulders and everything is just moving a long as it should these days.  Running, training, eating, sleeping . . . it’s all falling into place.

In planning and preparation for the next 13 months, I looked around and decided that I needed to create my PRE-40 Bucket List and get started knocking out those things I want to accomplish over the next 13 months.  (Note – I have started my list, I am going to share it only when I officially mark an event off, just to keep it more interesting – I’m being a little selfish that way)

Nutrition – Finishing the Whole30 program was at the top of my list for 2013.  As you read my story last week and the journey to find and heal myself, I have decided that I want to keep on track with Whole30 approved food, but instead of Whole365, I will simply call it #KeepItClean2013 and I plan to check in at the end of each month with my results.  Similar to the end reveal day I had on Day 31 of my Whole30 program in January.

But why?   Why continue on this really strict eating program?

Internal Battle over Bread – Over the weekend I reincorporated one thing that I just needed to know how it made me feel and sadly I felt the ill effects of that choice almost immediately throughout my body and then had a slight carry over into my workout on Monday morning with some inflammation in my hands, something I had not had issue with almost all January.  It was crushing to me, not because I had to give up this one food or group of foods, but the simple fact that I had taken the chance and made myself feel that horrible feeling that I previously felt before my Whole30 journey.  So what was it?  Bread!  (a/k/a sharp knives in my body)  On Sunday, I decided to indulge in a lunch with my husband that was made up of bread.  I know that deep down I knew better than to chance it, but I just had to know.  It was really the one thing I felt I really needed to know if it was making me sick and if I truly could shut the door on eating that forever.  Now I am quite certain that I am OK with my choice to try the reincorporation of bread into my diet and that bread is something that I just cannot have.  I guess you can say, I had the viewing and the funeral all in one day.  I am officially done with traditional bread for good!

Day 35 Legs So what’s next on the Pre-40 Bucket List?

Exercise – I will share this one now because I am obviously training for my impending half marathon on February 24th.  I am very excited about the Disney Princess Half Marathon,  but a few weeks ago I found myself utterly terrified that the day of my half marathon was approaching so quickly.  My husband even stopped me one morning and asked, “when are you going to commit to training?”  Yes, in my face was the fact that I had slacked a lot of December on my training.  But I had  time, I had a couple of months, but it’s 13.1 MILES!  Get your butt on the road and run!

Over the past few weeks I have ramped up my weekly running commitment and also incorporate much-needed weight training time, but also kept my cycling class that I take twice a week because it really has helped me increase my quad and glute strength which I really need for hill training on my running days and races.  I am loving the way my leg muscles are responding and I even defeated one of my biggest hill obstacles yesterday on my run.  Now to work on the core and arms!

I plan to make the next 13 months a true adventure.  Committing to try new physical challenges that I have previously failed to accomplish and approaching 40 with a new hunger for life and excitement and a better me.  I refuse to wake up another morning and say, where did my life go and what exciting thing have I done this week to enjoy it and for the answer be, I wish I had done . . . .  Seize the moment and shoot for the stars, it’s what I’m going to do from here out.

Just because January is over, doesn’t mean resolutions and changes cease.  You must seize the moment and hang on for the adventure!  Hang on, it’s going to be an amazing and adventurous 2013, because I going to make it that way!