Don't be afraidWhen I ended 2013, I had a moment where I thought to myself, “WOW, and now just how are you going to top 2013 and all that you accomplished!?!”  So, that last race weekend in Panama City, I took time in my hotel room that evening while I had some down time and made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014.  These things are not just in fitness, mind you, they are in all aspects of my life (Some, REALLY CRAZY!) But I’ll leave that information for a post after I’ve checked it off!

At the top of my list were several personal growth goals which included obtaining certifications for teaching fitness classes.  Something I have always dreamed about, but was always terrified of doing.  People that know me really well, know that I am an extremely shy person if I don’t know you.  And let’s face it, public speaking, yeah that’s a KILLER for me to even think about.  So I decided 2014 will be my year to get over myself and my fears and go for broke with getting on the teaching/coaching teams that I had always dreamed of being a part of.

Shockwave CertificationSo this past Saturday, with a huge amount of support and belief in me by my friend Shannon, I took that leap to get my first certification to be a coach for an amazing group fitness class dubbed as “The Most Efficient Total Body Workout in the World!” – SHOCKWAVE! and endured a full day of not only lectures, but learning, mentoring and actually taking the class we would kick off this morning as it was introduced in Shannon’s, Badass Fitness Studio.  GO BIG OR GO HOME, right!?!


The Code of Shockwave is simple and concise and most of all it tests you in all areas of fitness and mental toughness.  I am excited to be a part of the group that is bringing this new workout to Tallahassee and HEY, that was a Ginger that pulled those BEST numbers for the Women today!

Strong in 2014But my start of an amazing 2014 will not stop there, I am getting the opportunity to test the waters and actually Coach my first class this Thursday at the studio and I couldn’t be more terrified EXCITED!  My workout, my music, my Team.

Here’s to going after those dreams in 2014!