The RunThe time between Christmas and New Year’s seems to be catching up with me and my lack of making time to train for my upcoming Half-Marathon in February.

From my first official run of 2013 for the Winter Runnerland Virtual Half that could be completed over time in the month of January, that I promptly got sick at the end, to my full-on training that I am trying to get back into, slacking on miles has called me to the carpet or pavement, if you will.  I attempted what is my simple mid-level run this Saturday and seemed to find myself a blubbering, struggling, emotional mess.  Yes, I have had quite a hard time finding the right fuel for pre/post workout, but there is no other excuse for my slide backwards other than the simple fact that I didn’t commit to my training like I should have.

LARABAR Cashew CookieThat all being said, I have started a new week in my #Whole30 journey, just one day shy of the half-way point (Update coming tomorrow, 1/15/2013), and I am making a reaffirmed commitment to my weekly training sessions for my half-marathon which is now just 42 days away!  Thanks to LÄRABAR’s Cashew Cookie and the simple baby food, yes baby food, from different companies that provide simple fruits and no added ingredients OR SUGARS in a purée pouch, I no longer need my go-to mid run fuel of GU Energy Gel which is not allowed on my #Whole30 program.

So in holding myself accountable, today I affirm that I will keep my commitment to myself of hitting the pavement and getting back on track.  It wont take me long to get my stride back, I just have to defeat my mind that wants me to quit!


I loved this quote I posted this past weekend – People don’t defeat us, our minds do!  I am working on that, and I hope that today’s appointment with the pavement helps me push through.

8 thoughts on “#3Months2aHalf – Getting Back on Track!

      1. Yep – what Mitzi said and I love love love the “because of me someone refused to quit” graphic! You’ve got this ….. those emotions must have been needed and had a role.

  1. I believe in you!!! You have inspired me in so many ways!!! You’re going to finish your goals and its going to feel awesome because it was so much work and hard to reach!!!

  2. I had been training for my half since Septemember and was going strong , as the holidays approached I too found myself slacking on my runs as well. Then in mid December I sprained my left ankle which kept me from running for an entire week. Well this past weekend I ran the Disney Half Marathon in 2:36 ( I had set a goal of 2:30 ) and if I hadnt stopped for a couple bathroom breaks and log jams I know I would have made it. I found that running with so many other people really helps keep you going . Up until then I had never run anything more than a 5K official race, and was shocked at the 25,000 people running the half. Getting up at 3:00 am to be there on time was tough. Some things I learned very quickly , first you will get off to a slow start due to all the people, it was probably 2.5-3 miles in before I was able to get into a stride. There were several places where log jams occured especially coming through the castle. All in all it was an great experience and I am sure I will do more half’s. In the future I think I need to concentrate on actual leg strength as much as cardio, I found that although there were times during the race I felt winded overall my cardio was good, but I could tell around mile 10 my legs were really getting tired.

    Anyway good luck Tammy , I know you will do great!!

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