OH my achy legs!

My #3Months2aHalf training week to is proving to be pretty mildly intense.  I’ve increased my running distances this week.  I’ve also gained a lot more leg fatigue, which is understandable.

This week I seem to be constantly thinking about gear and the desire to feel good during my runs.  During my cycling class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings all I can think about is, is this going to make me too fatigued to hit my distance mark on my run days?  During my run on Monday afternoon, I had a sudden attack of a tightened sciatic nerve that almost made me stop my run completely, but I stopped, stretched and pushed through.  Initially it was quite excruciating, but after stretching a few times it seem to work itself out.  I see a trip to the chiropractor and/or massage therapist in my future!  I think I had forgotten about the constant ache of the legs once you start pushing them more and all the tight muscles and ligaments that comes along with that.

I had my first run in my new sneakers that I recently got and I loved them, but admittedly will be ordering a set of Lock Laces™ to match them, as the hot pink and bright bumble-bee yellow are not the best coordinating option now and I really love the fit I get using the Lock Laces™.  I am also waiting on my new sneakers to arrive from Mizuno Running™ so that I alternate to prevent early wear in these months of training and long runs.  I also logged my longest run last night with a 6.4 miler with some elevation and it was amazing!

Food seems to continue to be a pretty easy choice for me with good options a must and fueling snacks in mind for the day.  Breakfast items continue to be easy with my morning protein smoothie and standard 2 boiled eggs to start followed by my mid-morning fruit stack and late afternoon almond indulgence.  I do believe that I am going to have to set aside time on Sunday’s to plan better and pre-package meals to grab and go for my daily lunch bag so I make sure that even on days that I am running late, I have all the right fuel items packed and ready to go.

Rest, rest, rest, SLEEP ~ it seems that my nights of rest are flooded with dreams of running or being late for running or missing my running time, etc.  Yes, obsessed, that’s the word!  I need to find a way to wind my mind down to get adequate rest to feel good the next morning for my cycle or weight training sessions.  I think it may be time to hit the melatonin again for a little natural help.

This week I also began taking/testing a product from Nutrex-Hawaii said to help reduce inflammation and increase immune response.  I will be posting an in-depth review of this product at a later date on my product review page, so stay tuned for that!

So what’s in store for week 3?  Longer “Getting Faster” runs.  It also will include Thanksgiving weekend, which is when my husband and I take our annual trip to North Georgia and advantage of the nearby Appalachian Trail hiking trails to give us some terrain and incline hike options to build quad and hamstring strength.  I don’t feel nervous about over indulging in food, since we generally pack snacks and breakfast and/or lunch options for quick meals at our cabin.  My one indulgence will be the night we watch our favorite college football team against our in-state rival and we will get out and take in some adult beverages and higher calorie meals.

New training week, new training goals!  I am looking forward to the upcoming week and being thankful for all I have.  I’ll check back in for training Week 3 after the long Thanksgiving holiday . . .