Try these 5 Quick Tips to keep yourself moving throughout the day!

Are you like most Americans, in that you struggle getting up and moving throughout the day?  Do you often find yourself in the throes of the afternoon doldrums because you’ve sat sedentary for several consecutive hours?  Stuck behind a desk or computer monitor and without a lot of extra time to get some walking in?  Well grab your notepad and jot down these 5 quick tips for keeping yourself moving throughout the day ahead.

  1. Go out for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner or both!  Even if you just begin with 5-10 minutes of walking and work your way up.  After you’ve incorporated this several times, try changing up your route and picking up the pace.  Maybe you choose a couple of flat routes for the week and a hilly route one day.  Regardless, get moving outside to get that heart pumping!  Don’t forget to grab your family and the dog for some company.

  2. Stop jockeying for the front top parking spots!  Take a few extra minutes, park farther away from your destination and get some extra steps in.  Opt to walk carts back inside the supermarket instead of to the cart return to keep you moving when you are done.

  3. Schedule exercise time on your business calendar to keep you accountable.  Treat those appointments just like client’s or deadlines and don’t blow them off or reschedule!

  4. Get up at work to go ask/answer questions instead of calling or emailing colleagues.  This gets you the information you need and the body moving.  Also, better face time than misinterpreted tones in digital correspondence.  (Unless of course, it’s someone who you really shouldn’t meet with face to face, then . . . well, use your best judgment there friends 😀 )

  5. Gorgeous day outside?  Opt to walk to lunch instead of driving, or even better, bring your lunch and enjoy a nice lunch outside with the sun on your face for a little Vitamin D!

‍Which quick tip will you pick??  Does one seem more doable than the other?  Maybe they all work for you?  Choose one or choose them all, but no matter which tip you choose, remember that the important thing is you are conscious of getting up from a sedentary routine and making an effort to make small daily changes which can grow into bigger weekly movement goals.  So here’s to moving more . . . now get up and GET OUT THERE!