I was extremely excited to attend this year’s BlogFest and IdeaFit Conferences in Los Angeles, California with friends and fellow bloggers.  A full weekend of learning and an overwhelming exposure to inspiration and support.  Admittedly, months back when the speakers were announced, I gushed at the thought of getting an opportunity to listen to Gabrielle (Gabby as we know her here in Tallahassee where she attended college) Reece and her insight into life, family and fitness and fitting it all together.

Gabrielle Reece BlogFest 2015As Shannon and I sat in our session on Friday awaiting her arrival  into the room, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I introduced myself and that I was from Tallahassee (hence from that moment on myself and Shannon were known as “Tallahassee”) and she threw up her arm and said, “Scalp ‘Em”!  Her days as a Florida State Seminole volleyball player have long since passed, but knowing this inspiration before me at some point had lived in our little city was really cool!  I remember standing next to her and thinking, GOOD LAWDY, she’s tall!

For the next  hour I sat and really soaked in everything that Gabby offered up as advice for each day ahead.  These 9 things really resonated with me and I took the time to jot them down as something to refer back to when I’m at a loss for determination or purpose.  Being able to replay her accompanying message to these points in my head, I’m certain, will help keep me in check when I need it.

Seven days in a week quote

  1. Know what your high cards are and play those
  2. Life, getting it done
  3. Personal accountability
  4. It’s not personal
  5. Do the best you can and get over it
  6. Learn to breath and understand the breathe
  7. Functional movement
  8. Acceptance is a big part of life
  9. Work as hard as you can, but have fun

Each one of these 9 points have so much inspiration and meaning for me, that I cannot yet form words to express exactly the degree of impact they have bumped me to get my sh*t together!  I have been on a hamster wheel just running along, seemingly without a specific purpose or how to get “it” done.  After this talk I was well on my way to figuring out just how I was going to devise my plan to get what I want and to where I want.  No longer accepting anything less than what’s best for me and my family and working hard to achieve the best I can be.  I don’t usually post a “me, me, me” post, but this one my friends, it’s putting it in writing as my first step to moving forward in the right direction.

Gabrielle Reece HighX BlogFest WorkoutAfter an amazing talk, Gabby invited us to join her for her 45-minute HighX workout that she leads in Kauai, HI when she is there in the winter with her husband and family.  13 stations of butt kicking, calorie blasting and sweat pouring work!  Just 10 minutes in I was totally dripping with sweat and my muscles were screaming.  Variations and progressions for every fitness level with recovery stations, cardio stations and strength to keep your body guessing.  It’s a great concept that I may be throwing in to some future classes if given the opportunity!

Coming this week, my long-awaited healthy condiment alternative, Tomato Jam.  All the flavor without the “junk”!  Stay tuned . . .


7 thoughts on “9 Inspiring things Gabrielle Reece “Aced” in the undefended space in front of me

  1. Loved what she had to say too! And that workout was fun! But it was also just great to see you again and your super kickass new hair cut! Well, new-to-me anyway. Stay awesome!

    1. Awe, LOVED getting to see you again too! Wish we had a little more time to catch up. It seemed to be a whirlwind weekend full of awesomeness! I’m already planning next year’s trip so I hope to see you then!!! <3

  2. Gabby was super inspiring! My favorite was “Acceptance is a big part of life.”

  3. Gabrielle Reece is the first crazy-tall woman I saw getting love from the media and the public for something other than being a skinny supermodel. I really love her philosophy about “what are you training for?” (It’s the same reason I named my blog Train With Bain–your awesome life merits training!)

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