Yesterday I finally faced something that I had blocked for weeks.  I got a big bump from my running partner or maybe it was a swift kick in the butt, but either way, it was what I needed to make a plan to get my beyond 13 mile run done.  I think for me the mental block was fear, fear of not being able to push through pain or fatigue and just get it done!  So I made a plan, plotted my route and took off early from my day job and yesterday I set out to conquer my biggest mental fear of the beyond 13-miler.

Today I walk away with the sheer appreciation that once you face those fears you can accomplish great things.  In distance running training, walking is an option, but never getting out there and getting it done is NOT!

I am thankful for so much encouragement and pushing when I needed it and most of all I am thankful for strong legs and a strong heart full of love for my sport to helps me push through.  Though the weather was not optimal for my run yesterday I knew that was my sign to just go do it.  Cold and wet rain did not stop me from pushing another step closer to my goal.

First 16 Mile RunMy time may not be the prettiest, but the fact that my GPS watch says 16.01 is priceless to me and no one can ever take that feeling away.  I know that the next distance marker will just as tough, but I know that with this behind me I can do it!