Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middleI admit, even for me, most days it is hard not to compare myself to everyone else around me in the world of social media.  Skinny, muscly, more athletic, you name it, those people are out there and many of them I follow or am friends with.  But surrounding myself with those influences and friends, I still find that I have to keep myself in check mentally.  It’s not a matter of just working hard each week, it is also taking into account genetics and other things you may be battling or dealing with in your life that may take you a little longer than others to get where you long or want to be on your fitness journey.

Last weekend, as I posted in my blog yesterday, I beat myself up for finishing a race at a 10 minute mile pace.  I MEAN C’MON, really, that is quite an accomplishment that I allowed my mind to downplay.  And why?  Comparison to others.  Let’s face it, Fall/Spring is racing season and we hope that with each race we see improvements and many people I know have had a REMARKABLE race season this year and I am so beyond proud for them and all they have done to get there, but I have to remember, I am still on my journey and I’m just not there physically yet.  Does that make me want to give up and say screw it and give in?  HELL NO!  It makes me want to work harder, but also to listen to my body and remain a healthier injury-free runner.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the number and putting in the time on the road gets us there, but pushing through injuries also gives us setbacks which no one wants to have in the middle of race season.

So this morning as I was downloading my recent runs from my GPS watch I took a minute to look back at the very first run I logged on my Nike Application on my phone and though it was 3 years ago, it’s still a BIG DEAL!  And I should not allow myself to downplay the minutes that I have shaved off my average mile over that period of time.  Heck, not to mention the distances I have gotten under my belt for that matter!

These are my times from the first run logged to my race on Saturday

My First Race December 2011My first race – December 2011 – When I crossed the finish line I was by myself, I was ecstatic and I texted a friend that had inspired me to get out there and just try.  I mean, I event noted in my comments “First 5K that I ran all the way!”

2014 Doggie Dash 5K RaceThis is my finish time per my Nike App from Saturday’s Race – At the end of this race I felt defeated and walked to my car with my head hung low with disappointment

Am I angry, YES (with myself).  Do I want to be better, YES.  Will I continue to compare myself to others . . . NO!  Because this race was wonderful.  Looking back from where I came to MY middle, I have shaved almost 3 minutes off my average pace time.  Did it take me 3 years to do it, possibly, I know that I have had faster races, but this time seems to be consistent lately.  This to me, should be enough to remember . . . Fast is relative in the grand scheme of things and we only need to compare ourselves to ourselves and continue to strive to just be better athletes who run with passion and most of all heart.

2 thoughts on “A little self-reminder – “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” ~ Jon Acuff

  1. Love the quote! Honestly, the best pace is your own pace and that’s all I would stick to focusing on! Great post!

  2. You’ve come so far since your first 5k! That’s so exciting! I’m the same way that you are – I’m running faster than ever but I still get disappointed with my times sometimes. I wish us bloggers weren’t allowed to put our race times, I think that would help! 🙂

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