High Cotton GourmetI first visited Joanie’s Gourmet Market & Fabulous Cafe last year with my husband and Mother-in-Law to enjoy a light lunch and some shopping in a quaint little town just 10 minutes North of my home on the West side of Tallahassee, in Havana, FL.  Last night I had the privilege of returning to that beautiful little town to join a large group of local supporters for Joanie of Joanie’s Gourmet Market at the Havana Trading Post in Havana, FL for the launch party of her new venture High Cotton Gourmet. A little taste of the South right at your fingertips, “MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted” as Joanie put it last night in her Grand Launch Party speech.

Store Launch of a ButtonWith the swipe of her fingertip on her trusty iPad, the online based store was open!  A resounding clink of champagne glasses (which Joanie graciously provided for free to all her guests) was an amazing beginning to this new amazing journey for Joanie!

Joanie’s new venture seeks to pull the “Best of the Best” of the South’s gourmet offerings from tasty food items, sensual scented candles and some “Redneck” gear that only some of us that are from the South can truly appreciate.

In her Thank You’s, Joanie gave a heartfelt Southern Shout Out to all her small community supporters, family and friends, including a special presentation to her daughter which she presented her with her first set of pearls.  A very SOUTHERN tradition that some of us get the pleasure of, I did with my grandmother’s pearls..  Only in the South do we generously thank our friends for supporting our crazy dreams made to fruition by hard work and sometimes many cocktails!  We are never afraid of a challenge and Joanie is fulfilling her dreams with every new venture she starts.


So if you are looking for a little taste of the South, but can’t afford to make the road trip, be sure to head over to High Cotton Gourmet online and get your piece shipped right to your door!  Don’t forget to like High Cotton Gourmet on Facebook to receive updates on all their new goodies available!