Wish ListRunning skirts, compression socks, shoes and gadgets OH MY! The runner wish list is individualized by each runner, but you can be certain it is always changing and usually growing every single week. New products and gadgets are coming out to entice us each week go get the newer better product. Sometimes with race fees and travel costs those things just seem to always stay on the wish list until birthdays or holidays for me.

Mizuno Wave SayonaraShoes – I’m always stalking the Mizuno Running online store and every single email they send out for the Mezamashii Run Project. My Mizunos are like my runner gear bestie! They never let me down on a distance run or race. Providing the perfect support for this over supinating runner, I just cannot seem to get enough of these marvelous running shoes! Right now I have my eye on the Mizuno Prophecy 3 which is slated to be released on October 25th! I’m crossing my fingers to get to try these beautiful shoes!

Lija Style SkirtsSkirts – I try and try to always find the cutest but the most functional running skirts that I can find. They give me the flattering cover over my bottom but also the shorts underneath always give me the protection from chaffing that some other types of running bottomsLija Style Skirts2 are often lacking. This racing season I have some cuties in my line up from Lija Style that have taken me down the colorful running path away from my tried and true black color based skirts. Though they are a little pricey, the quality and workmanship of these skirts is gorgeous!

Compression SocksSocks – I resisted the compression sock runs all through the summer due to the horrifically hot and humid days we experienced here in Florida. But after months of Zensah Sleevesresistance and a near fall on one of my dark morning runs, I found myself in need more than choice of compression socks. These babies do not come cheap, though a few manufacturers do offer sock of the month sales and occasional close out deals. At $50 a pop, I’m always surfing around to find a deal on compression socks and sleeves. My go-to brands these days seem to be with SLS3, Pro Compression and Zensah, offering both sleeves and full knee high marathon socks, I like to run distance runs or races with them and then follow-up with some recovery time in a pair of socks covered with a set of sleeves to give me the needed support to express healing.

Polar RC3 GPS watchGPS – There are so many GPS and heart rate combo items on the market these days and it seems to be an ever-changing world to get the best of the best out to runners. I currently use the NIKE GPS watch powered by Tom Tom for my runs which integrates to my Nike App on my iPhone and on the NikePlus.com page where I can check my routes, be reminded of. how I felt and what kind of terrain I ran on along with tracking the number of miles that I have put on specific pairs of running shoes (a must know for a lot of distance runners), but as of late I have found myself leaning towards and upgrade. I am really looking into the Polar USA RC3 GPS Sports Watch unit which tracks heart race, distance and feedback on your effort on your training sessions and runs. I find myself leaning towards this product because it can be used in a variety of exercise environments and is not just limited to running. You can use it for cycling, cross-training and other interval type workouts without having to wear multiple products to track different information that you are looking to keep up with. This item is high on my MUST HAVE list especially with the distance running that I have in my future with intense cross-training sessions slated to keep me in shape and ready to hit the road!

These are just a few of my favorite staples on my Wish List of items. I have quite a few other items that I stalk the prices each week and hope to add soon. With cooler weather approaching I will begin looking to things that will keep me warm while not overwhelming me while on my runs. Functionality is a major buying point for me when it comes to gear. Does it work properly, does it help improve my workouts and runs and most of all, is it worth the money I will be spending because aside from race fees and travel costs, the gear and gadgets that go along with it can eat up your workout budget.

I want to hear what is on your Wish List for gear and gadgets? What keeps you from indulging on those special splurges and what pushes you to make the buy?


9 thoughts on “A Runner Wish List – The always evolving “I need this” list

  1. I think our lists are pretty similar. I am a big fan of running skirts, I will have to check out the Lija ones, those are cute. Compression socks are a must too.

  2. Love that you’re a compression sock convert – I love mine!!
    Oh and I have an ongoing list! I really want to try out a running skirt – I don’t care for my shorts too much! I’m just waiting until Spring to fill my closet!

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