With holiday season comes an onslaught of buying and binge eating.  But what if you simply concentrated on the important things and focused your “want” on things that you can actually use to stay fit and gear to wear while you’re at it?

Holidays are the best times to get that special something that you’ve had your eye on all year but just didn’t want to spend the money  yourself.  I always hear, “what do you want for Christmas” and instantly my mind goes completely blank.  But what if you had a plan or even a list or how about a detailed blog about what and why you want those things?  What if!?!

Here are a few things on my Holiday Wish List and why I love and want them.

Women’s Nightlife Ess. Run Vest from Brooks Running for those early morning and late evening runs when I just cannot seem to get people driving to see me running the sidewalk even though I’m doing all I can to be safe and well in sight.  You can pick up this vest at Brooks website for $75.  And for those cooler temps, the Women’s Midweight Running Shirt for $80

Knuckle Lights for running in the dark.  A form-fitting hand-held light for each hand that is sure to get automobile drivers attention and a little more ease of sight for your path ahead for those far spaced street lights.  You can pick these up in December from Knuckle Lights website for just $39.95 (they are currently completely out of stock but will have new inventory in December)

Pro Compression’s Tour Low Lime Compression Socks that come in a two-pack for just $25!  That’s just $12.50 per pair and compared to my normal go-to low sock by SmartWool that is usually $16.95 per pair, that’s a really great deal!  I love the Pro Compression Marathon socks for recovery, but these lows would be great during my runs since I do not care for the long knee sock compression during those times.  I just wish you could mix-match the colors since you get two pair.  I love the pink and the blue colors also.

What Wish List would be complete without a little lululemon on it?  The high-priced fitgear that you just have to have!  lululemon has several items that I would love to indulge in myself and certainly make the Holiday Wish List for me.  They offer sport specific products on their web store and I love the Toasty Tech Tight for $118 (yeah it’s a steep price, but lululemon products last and are high quality) and for those chilly runs the Brisk Run Gloves that also allow you to use your smartphone touchscreen without having to remove them for just $28.  I have to limit it to those two items for lululemon because I could literally tag their entire site with things that I really would love to have.

And a place to put all their gear from Live Well 360, check out the amazing carry all bags available in various sizes for sport specific uses from $167 to $207.  These bags come in various colors and are more workout chic than bulky duffel bags.

What about some inexpensive stocking stuffers like Lock Laces.  These are the most amazing laces you’ll ever put on your shoes.  No more tying, just synch and go!  They offer a variety of colors and can be purchased individually or in special limited edition sets from $7.99 to $19.99.

Or for the runner, walker, biker and outdoors person in your life, how about a personal protection aid from Personal Savers?  For just $14.95, give your loved ones and friends a piece of mind for self-protection while they are enjoying their outdoor activities.

But all things on your Wish List don’t have to be clothing or gear, what about healthy food options or a good read?

I love the products from The Protein Bakery.  The Wicked Mint Brownie is by far one of my favorite items they make along with many other yummy options.  You can order directly from them on their web store and they offer mix-match gift giving options for your fitness enthusiast eater at great prices.  Everything is made fresh and will keep in your fridge for 3 weeks or the freezer for up to 3 months!  Prices for items range from $3.25 to $30.25, depending on what you are purchasing and in what quantity.

Have you heard about the rage in the algae supplements?  I have been trying the Nutrex-Hawaii products the last few weeks and have seen a lot of benefits.  From less inflammation to recovering from a short bout of the flu over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I will continue to use these products!  The Hawaiian Spirulina tablets that you take twice per day and the BioAstin that you take once per day, you can’t beat these prices for the quality product you receive and the wonderful customer service their company offers.  You can pick these products up from their web store for between $32.99 and $39.99, depending on which products  you choose.

Or how about your favorite energy product, like the Energy Stack products from SWOLE Sports?  I just reviewed these products and still love them.  Lots of energy without all the jitters!  You can try their products for FREE by visiting their web store and choosing the PreWrek Trial Pack or the Turbo Shred Trial Pack and then get the bundle for just $69.99!  I mean how many companies let you try their products for free before you buy?  Not many that I know about.

What about trying to get on track with eating and you just are not sure about all these fads that are out there?  Knowledge is power, so get a book and get on reading about clean eating for a better you.  I just purchased this book and look forward to reading it in the coming month.  There are so many Paleo diet plans, Clean Eating, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and just down right, you name it and Americans will likely try it!  But in the end it all begins with FOOD and what you choose to eat.  I picked up this book from Amazon.com for just $15.71.

I could literally go on and on with my list, but I like to keep it short and sweet!  But for you, when someone asks you, “Hey, what would you like for Christmas?” Maybe you can have a plan or a list or some links to forward to them to help you get what you really want and may need for getting to be a healthier you in 2013!!!