Blue Diamond Honey AlmondsSnacks, snacks, what can we snack on?  In our house we are all about the ALMONDS, all of the Almond-LICIOUS products!  From Almond milk to Almond butter, to just plain Almonds by the handfuls, yes, we love those little power packed snacks!  Our favorite brand of Almond products comes from the Blue Diamond Growers.

Being a non-dairy household, my husband loves to enjoy his granola and fruit with the Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk they offer.  I’m more of a fan of making the almond butter to go on my toast with a little honey for a little protein boost, post morning workout, which I make myself using their raw almonds.  The Almond is just such a versatile nut!

But for snacking, one cannot snack on just Almonds all the time, right!?! WRONG!  We love that Blue Diamond is adding flavors to their lineup of products.  From one of my favorites the Salt & Vinegar to the new Honey line.  With sweet and savory flavors being added to their line, I really love the Honey Roasted Chipolte option, but they also added the Honey Roasted Vanilla, which is great for that sweet tooth!  And they are not just stopping with those two options, check out the entire Honey line they are now offering!

BeeCause We Care Blue DiamondEven more notable, they are contributing to the research to preserve the Honey Bee which pollinate their trees and 1/3 of the world’s food supply!  From reducing exposure to fungicides to assisting with the growth of the Honey Bee colonies around the world.  It’s more than just making money, but supporting the insect foragers and true workers of our food chain, and I love that concept!

So the next time you are out to try something a little different, whether it be a dairy alternative or a great power packed snack, don’t forget Blue Diamond Almonds and their full line of Honey products!

*This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Growers Tastemakers program.  Though I was provided products to review, all of my opinions are my own.

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