I won’t lie, as a blogger and consumer, I really enjoy LOVE working with brands and trying new products.  Supplement lines are especially of interest to me because there are so many and some so expensive!  But, thankfully, I have had the opportunity to work with a really great brand, Neocell for over a year now and I continue to love their products.  I tried and loved the Beauty Bursts Collagen product which I reviewed in 2013 and now the Biotin product they have created, also in a flavorful chew, which also promotes skin and nail health while providing super antioxidant supplies.

Taste – Not too sweet and doesn’t taste gritty like other chewable supplements.  The Acai Berry flavor is like a small treat that I get to enjoy before bedtime and it’s only 20 calories per serving.

Hair – When I first began the trial, my hair was so dry and wiry.  Mind you, I am not a daily flat-iron user or hair coloring consumer, I have naturally curly hair that I sometimes do use the flat-iron to tame it down but not always.  Since using the Biotin product, my hair is softening up a bit and I find that has a more healthy feel and the dryness is gone, even with using the same hair products as day 1!

Biotin Bursts NailsNails – My fingernails are really a HOT MESS!  I have paper-thin nails (which even with this product, I still do) but I also had noticeable ridges in my nails which have improved over the last 30 days.  (Pay no attention to the SEVERE NEED for a manicure!  I’m just keeping it real here!)

Skin – My skin seems so much more even toned.  I have a reddish (not rosacea) tint to my face as a natural redhead and I have noticed that has begun diminish over the trial.  I know that it will not completely go away, but a clearer complexion makes way for less make-up, and I am ALL for less is more!

Overall – My overall review of the Biotin Bursts is that I really like the way they make my nails, skin and hair feel!  Some would maybe take this product to start their day, but I like taking it at bedtime when my body is a rest and can absorb all the vitamins that the bursts are providing.  A little “restore” while I sleep mentality.  I feel like I do have a little more energy in the mornings when I wake up, which my day starts at 4:30 am and I think that the Vitamin B delivered in this chew has a lot to do with that.

Want to try them out for yourself!?!  I have found that the Neocell Biotin Bursts are available at many of my local vitamin and natural food store retailers, find a retailer near you!  Feed your body good things and it will bring you good things!