ApplesI have a horrible sweet tooth (well, horrible in the fact that sometimes it makes me choose not so great options) and when I attempt to change little habits in my daily food forage it seems that quenching that sweet tooth proves to be more than a daunting task.  Last weekend, as I was home after a local 5K I found myself searching the pantry for something to snack on.  Though we always attempt to refrain from buying chips and sweets, sometimes they end up in our house for one reason or another.  As I looked through the pantry and ultimately the refrigerator, I found a jar of unsweetened organic applesauce that I had purchased a few weeks back in trying to have a healthy sweet alternative readily available.  Doesn’t help that I totally forgot I had it, but it was there nonetheless.

So, as I was sitting on the couch enjoying my new-found sweet tooth binge breaker, I thought about all the organic apples that I had gotten in my recent share sale order from the organic buying club I am a member of.  So I thought, ‘HEY CRAZY LADY THAT LIKES TO MAKE THINGS, make some homemade unsweetened organic applesauce yourself and eliminate the factory processed product that you just enjoyed!’

I broke out the trusty crock pot and here is what I put together!  Note, I used varieties of apples that were both organic and in season.  If you are not that picky about your apples, you can choose any variety you like best and go from there.

Unsweetened ApplesauceIngredients –

  • 12-14 organic Apples, cored and sliced (leave the skin on and organic apples tend to be smaller so it takes a little more of them)
  • 1 organic Red Anjou, cored and sliced (leave the skin on)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon ground Cinnamon

Set your slow cooker or crockpot to high and cook your apples for approximately 6 hours.  Once your apples are soft, using an immersion blender or blender, blend to desired consistency.  I like my applesauce to store-bought consistency, which requires less “processing” so be gentle with the apples, just as you would if you were handling them to keep them from bruising.  Store in the refrigerator in airtight container.  The refrigerator shelf life of this is about a week since there are no preservatives.


One thought on “Applesauce = Awesome Sauce – My SUPER-SIMPLE Applesauce Recipe

  1. I LOVE homemade applesauce! It is soooooo good with pork chops too (on top after cooking). The last time I made it I used a little brown sugar too, but I’m going to try your sugar free recipe next! Makes me hungry for it now…..

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