Barefoot & Chocolate Fair Trade SpreadsI am a firm foodie believer in knowing what, where and why for my food as a lot of my family, friends and followers know.  BUT, big but, my indulgences in foods, especially sweet foods, must be worth the indulgence and I also love it when I know the business practices behind the brand (or in this case the smiley face logo on the jars), it’s really important even though a lot of us never take the time to think much about it.

So a few weeks ago, in my efforts to find a Fair Trade chocolate product for those nights when I really wanted a sweet treat, I reached out to my friends at Barefoot & Chocolate to give their tasty A-Mazing spreads a try and to see what dessert alternatives I could come up with for enjoying them.

But let’s not get the cart before the horse here, let me give you a bit of lowdown on their product(s) and practices before I share my treats I tried.

Good Karma + Best Ingredients = Taste Happy

  • We use Fair Trade* cocoa, cane sugar and vanilla in our products
  • We use 100% segregated certified sustainable palm fruit oil
  • Our spreads are packaged in glass jars – It keeps Mama Earth and our inner tree hugger happy
  • No Trans Fats, no hydrogenated or solvent extracted oils, no added hormones, nothing artificial or synthetic. Period
  • Our spreads have over twice the nut content of the leading chocolate spread and over 20% less sugar
  • Barefoot & Chocolate spreads are registered with FairTrade USA

Our Ingredients:

  • Sugar – Fair Trade FLO certified and Organic
  • Almonds – Conventional*
  • Hazelnuts – Conventional*
  • Palm Fruit Oil – RSPO  100% segregated Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. It is not hydrogenated or solvent extracted.
  • Desiccated Coconut – We use real coconuts (not coconut flavor). Our coconut is sulfite-free. Desiccated simply means dehydrated.
  • Cocoa Powder – Fair Trade FLO certified and Organic
  • Sunflower Oil – Organic / Expeller pressed
  • Skim Milk Powder – rBGH free.
  • Vanilla – Fair Trade FLO certified and Organic
  • Sunflower Lecithin – A natural emulsifier that we prefer as an alternative to the more widely used soy-lecithin.

*We aspire to use organic almonds and hazelnuts in our spreads and hope to fulfill that aspiration someday. However, the high costs currently associated with sourcing these organic nuts are prohibitive to us as a start-up. We hope that in time, as our volumes grow and market pricing for organic nuts improves, this will become a viable option for us.

I was truly excited to get in on these Happy Fair Trade products!

So, as they state in their literature and on their website, their spreads are great on breakfast toast, waffles, drizzled over fruit, as peanut butter alternatives and many other options available on their website from Trent’s Kitchen.  Possibilities are all over the place.  But for my first week in reviewing I opted to keep it simple and use it as an after dinner dessert sweet attack option.

Barefoot & Chocolate MousseThough I have cut 99% of dairy out of my diet, I do occasionally crave the yogurt and puddings of the world, especially the chocolate delights of those.  So last Friday evening I opted for my version of a Chocolate Mousse dessert without all the milk of regular dairy variations.  (It must be noted that Barefoot & Chocolate products do contain Skim Milk Powder as noted above in their ingredients list)

For this little treat I added 1 spoonful of Hazelnut Chocolate Spread to 3 spoonfuls of Tofutti Brand Blue Better than Sour Cream and stirred together.  It gave me the same mousse texture that as a dairy eater I loved, but without all the milk products.

Barefoot & Chocolate Almond CoconutMy next treat indulgence was last night when I was craving a little sweet and salty snack while watching television.  So I opted for some organic pretzel rods we had dipped in Almond Coconut Spread and it turned out perfect and satisfied my craving with fewer calories than what I would have consumed in a chocolate bar. (And with less the guilt!)

I love that I can even simply enjoy this treat with a simple teaspoon full and be completely satisfied with any cravings I may be having.  Though, admittedly, I am really excited about trying out the recipes they have listed on their website and coming up with a few of my own!

So go forth and check them out!!  Follow Barefoot & Chocolate on Social Media and stay up-to-date on new recipes and info about their brand!