In the spring of 2010, I married the love of my life and my wonderful supporting husband, Harley Means and we took an extended honeymoon on the west coast starting in California and ending in Washington state.

Along the way, we stopped and enjoyed wine country and his favorite craft beer breweries.  We also found one of my favorite specialty stores, St. Helena Olive Oil Company.  With an AMAZING assortment of olive oils and vinegars, along with specialty items like Himalayan salts and blended spices, I was in foodie heaven and walking around for at least an hour sampling their items.

One thing that I immediately loved was their assortment of infused olive oils and I purchased the Basil Infused Olive Oil to bring back home.  (Though we enjoyed it with some San Francisco Sourdough along the way)  Hating to have to pay shipping on my favorite new item, I recently decided to give making it myself a try and I LOVE IT!  Every year I plant basil on the patio along with a goliath pepper plant and we reap the rewards all year round.  This year was no different.  From my Roasted Walnut Pesto and now to the Basil Infused Olive Oil, the Means’ house is eating well!

So give this one a try to perk up that boring olive oil!

Basil Infused Olive Oil

Ingredients ~

  • 2 1/2 cups whole fresh Basil Leaves
  • 32 oz. bottle of quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Small sized cheese cloth (for draining)
  • Large glass mason jar for infusing
  • Large glass bottle for storing

In a large pot, heat olive oil (not to point of boiling) to allow it to absorb the basil leaf oils.  In large glass mason jar add all basil leaves and pour heated olive oil over leaves and seal jar.  Leave leaves in jar for 48 hours.  The leaves will turn brown, this is normal.  After 48 hours, open jar and using cheese cloth and a small funnel, strain olive oil into glass storing jar.

To prevent waste, get our Roasted Walnut Pesto recipe and use your basil leaves that are already soaked in olive oil to make this delicious condiment!

Note ~ make sure you do not skip the cheese cloth portion of the process.  If you get leaf particles in your olive oil it could make the entire bottle rancid.

Happy flavorful eating!

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