8-Week Upper Body ProgressBurpees, Brutals and Rowing, OH MY!  Each week I do honestly feel stronger.  It may not always show in photos or in everyday life, but it shows eventually.  As I said last week, we are a society stuck on “instant gratification” for all the hard work we put forth and when that doesn’t work, most of us give in and go back to old habits.  For me, this 8-weeks has shown me so much about my endurance and inner strength (not just physically) and I know that with changes to my nutrition I can go so much farther!

A 'BRUTAL' Evil WorkoutSOOOOOOOO, this week (with my hubs out-of-town the first three days) I embarked on my full on sugar detox.  The first two days were just as tough as I remembered them to be when I did the Whole30 detox in January of 2013.  Changing your mindset NEVER.GETS.EASIER!  And today, as I started day 3, I felt really great about my choices so far.  In the middle of my workouts this morning I just lost steam and remembered not to be defeated by it because I had essentially cut my bodies extra intake of sugar and it was struggling at that point to keep up!  I pushed through with the thought, this will GET BETTER and I will be so much better for it on the other side.

Yesterday I thought so much about all the things I would love to have that I couldn’t because of my detox, and then I thought a little longer and remembered that they were the exact reason I got back to where I was with my excess body fat and chose different options to use as fuel.  I do miss bread (so so much!) and I do have to look extra hard to get items that have no sugar added, but in the end it’s totally worth it.  I even re-installed my food tracking program and have tracked my intake religiously all week!  Extra accountability never hurt anyone, right!?!

So what’s next . . .

You are Worth ItWe are taking 2 weeks off from Tabata Bootcamp Sessions, Summer Session begins June 2nd, and I am looking forward to continuing to practice all of my Tabata series moves to be ready for those classes, but also I look forward to a little more time to get some runs in.  I am also looking forward to working into a summer where I push myself through the heat and become stronger from it.  Training in Florida is never easy with the humid temps, but early morning and late evening runs will become a staple to my schedule because before you know it Fall Half Marathon Season will be here and those Atlanta hills are awaiting me for several of those races!

I am also really excited that mid-June I will be heading to take my 3rd certification class, which will be Piloxing!  I have loved kickboxing classes for more than a decade and formerly to co-lead a great class with one of my BFF’s years ago, but I got out of it, because if you do something for too long you burnout!  BUT, I’m excited to bring this class to the Studio (schedule permitting) and start shredding those calories and sculpting those arms and legs!  I was seriously in the best shape of my life all those years ago while doing those classes and I look forward to pushing myself and my body back to that satisfaction!

So until next week, always remember . . . “It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being STRONG!” . . . Just.Keep.Pushing

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  1. Changes take time… thanks for the reminder! I’ve been doing some serious upper body workouts the last month and half or so, and while I am a TON stronger and can see just a little bit of definition, it’s no where near where I want it. I’m craving tight and toned arms and shoulders with no bra bulge for the summer tanks I live in!

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