I’ve totally fallen off my mostly vegetarian diet the last few months and truthfully, it’s because I’ve just been doing so much especially with adding in marathon training.  So last weekend while traveling I talked to my hubby who has been a 95% vegetarian since our trip out west in 2013 and told him I really wanted to get back to that also and to the cleaner, less processed and leaner eating plan that we implemented after that trip.

Last night I decided to carry out that discussion to fuel for this morning’s run with this yummy Black Bean Quesadilla which is vegetarian and dairy free!  Though the ingredients are not necessarily less processed than I want, I did feel much better about the heartiness and it left me feeling satiated which I struggle with when eating on a more vegetarian based diet.

Ingredients –

Black Bean QuesadillasOn a griddle or in a large frying pan over medium heat, drizzle olive oil and place tortilla down.  Build tortilla on half beginning with shreds, burger chunks, onion, jalapeño and then top with a little more of the shreds to bind it.  Fold over and cook until desired brownness.  I flip mine several times as I like it a little more crispy.  Remove from frying pan and cut into triangles and serve.  I like to serve mine with a little homemade guacamole and black olives.


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  1. I joke about being a HUGE CARNIVORE but really at heart Im a mostly veggie as well.

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