A simple word, that still to this day, makes my guts wrench . . .

Truthfully, this blog post has been years in the making, from the time that I was able to walk and be in a group setting with other children of varying ethnicity and social status.  Children and people who had no idea who I was or even yet, where I came from.

I would have to say the most common problem I faced is that I was always the “new girl” with ginger locks that no one knew anything about or even cared to attempt to figure out before lashing into a fit of ignorant teasing, blatant cattiness or even worse all out name-calling.

It has been a battle to climb the rock of holding my head high, none of which I would change for a second because that struggled climb made/makes me who I am today.  A woman, standing tall, owning her flaws and loving the choices she makes every day.

Taking pride in who I was and standing tall with the words my mother always reinforced in me . . .

You are a strong beautiful little girl (now woman) and words only have power over you if you let them.  Peoples actions may try to break you down, but you are stronger than any action projected onto you by others.  Ignorance is prevalent, but you are the sunshine of my life.  Never let anyone take away your spark to be a better person each day.

Those words stay(ed) with me and I often find myself thinking about them when I am placed in situations that they are relevant.  I still go home to Mom’s for talks to get me through, because sometimes even grown ups need a little boost off the sidewalk to get them back on track.

But this is not just about me and my history with being bullied.  I see it everywhere every single day, sadly.  From work environments, to celebrity bashing, to social media smear campaigns and even worse, parents that talk down to their kids, essentially killing their spirit to just be a kid.  It is sad and I am here to say I AM SICK OF IT!

It’s not just about little girls or grown women, it’s about EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE – racism, sexual preference, religion . . . you name it, it’s happening!

I watched this video yesterday which really spoke so much and while it is more centered around bigotry, I really think that a lot of us need to stop and think before we openly, vocally judge and persecute another human being.

Mother of Transgender Child, gives moving Speech – Click to view the video

Even though, my single voice and this simple blog post will not change the fact that bullying will continue on tomorrow with the rise of the sun and the waking of man, but with this post, I hope that it makes one more person think twice before they judge, demean or work to beat down another human being without first asking themselves how they would feel if they were on the receiving end of that relentless beast we call the BULLY.

Hold your heads high my friends, we are all on a journey of a thousand miles that lead us to greatness . . . xo

3 thoughts on “Bullying . . . a little off topic, but something that touched my heart yesterday

  1. Thankfully, bullying hasn’t been a huge issue in my world, though I totally agree it’s far too prevalent and even “acceptable” under certain circumstances.

    Side note: I love that your mama raised you well & everything you share about the mama & woman she has been to you makes me consider all the more the influence I have on my daughter and the woman she’ll be one day.


  2. “Stop and think” should be the mantra everyone thinks of prior to say anything that might be judgmental! Thanks for sharing this post – this is the kind of reminder everyone should see to remind them that bullying is not okay.

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