Remember when you were a kid and your parents declared, “you’re not getting up until you finish everything on your plate!”  Regretfully, a lot of the time foods we did not care for were sitting there looking back at us until we either waited out our parents last nerve, held our noses and consumed it or hid it in our napkins.  For me, one of my top five all time loathes of food was Brussels Sprouts!  Until recently, when I gave them another try.  Mind you, when I was a kid, they were generally boiled.   But I’ve learned to like many vegetables that I would have never given a second look with the awesome power of Oven Roasting!  So give this one a whirl and tweak it to your liking.  I’m more of a, cook them a little longer and make them somewhat crispy, kind of girl!

Here is a little background on the power of Brussels Sprouts before you hit the kitchen.  Brussels Sprouts contain vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fiber.  Some studies have shown that consumption of Brussels Sprouts may contain anticancer properties.  Boiling, as is the case with the cooking of vegetables, reduces the level of anticancer compounds.  Suggested cooking practices include steaming, microwaving or stir frying.  Cutting them in half allows the heat to penetrate the center more evenly.  I will take them roasted, thank you.

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

20 washed Brussels Sprouts, remove surplus stem and cut in half
1 diced shallot
3 minced garlic cloves
4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you want them coated but not drenched)
1 1/2 teaspoon Lawry’s Garlic Salt
1 teaspoon Badia Complete Seasoning
Fresh cracked pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375.

On a baking dish or baking pan, combine all ingredients and toss together, then bake for 20-25 minutes.  When tender turn the oven on broil to brown the top.  (optional)

Remove from the oven and sprinkle with shredded parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper.