Wild Forest Black TeaJanuary 1st, as everyone who reads my blog regularly knows, began my journey on the Whole30 plan.  With this comes restrictions from all types of things I would normally drink to hydrate besides water.

Growing up, I always enjoyed a nice cup of hot tea instead of coffee (makes sense, coffee hurts my stomach) and I was thrilled at the opportunity to receive and check out the wonderful products from Choice Organic Teas!

Choice Organics

A lover of the Black Tea variety, I jumped right in to that box and started enjoying my H2O alternative.  I love to drink hot tea unsweetened and throughout my day for an energy boost.  With Choice Organic Teas, I love that there is no bitter taste like some black teas leave behind.  Enjoyable to every last drop, I’m in love.  Now to get their Decaf Black Tea and I’ll be set for my new way of eating and drinking.


For those living in the Tallahassee, FL area that follow my blog, you can purchase Choice Organic Teas in their many varieties by visiting New Leaf Market.  If you are an owner, you will enjoy January’s coop pricing special at just $2.79/box!

Choice Organics @ New Leaf Market

I am offering a giveaway of boxes of the Choice Organic Teas that were sent to me from the company.  To enter the giveaway, simply click on this link and follow the giveaway Choice Organic Teas entry options.

3 thoughts on “Choice Organic Teas Review & Giveaway

  1. I’d love to try the teas because I’m trying to replace my afternoon sweet craving with healthier options (tea!)

  2. I drink only tea, not coffee. And I love trying new kinds and different flavors of tea. My favorite is black tea, but I like all kinds! Thanks!

  3. Up until last year, I rarely drank water and was a juice, sugary drink addict. I made a change the beginning of last year and have transitioned to solely quenching my thirst with water and TEA!!! Winning this would aid me in staying steadfast in my new healthy hydration habit!

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