Legacy QuotesLittle ears are listening

Powers that be are noting

Colleagues are remembering

Inspiring minds are engaging

Make sure that you give them something of greatness to leave as your legacy   ~ Ginger Mantra

I have been a little MIA lately, taking care of what seems to be an ever-growing calendar of things that pull me in all different directions each week.  And I often find myself trying to schedule time to just breathe.  I gets really hard some weeks, more than others, but in the end I am thankful for so much going on right now and all of the wonderful opportunities that busy time is bringing to me and my future.

Recently, I attended my Aunt’s retirement party.  A place where she has worked since I was 4 years old.  Every memory I ever have of what she does/did is always with the thought of where she worked and the great integrity it took for her to work there for so many years.  While at the ceremony for her retirement, I listened as Lieutenants and her Chief got up and spoke wonderful words about her kindness and willingness to help others with the highest level of integrity, eagerness and always with a smile on her face.  It truly brought tears of pride to hear everyone speak.

But that’s just the beginning of what inspired me to begin to write this post.  You see, so many of us work day in and day out and often at thankless jobs (of our own decision, not bashing here) and we do it because in most cases we take great pride in doing that.  Whether we are in a public service position as my Aunt was for 30+ years with our local Police Department or maybe as a blogger, coach or most importantly a Mother and/or Father.  Everyone is watching and you are influencing others along their journey.

Often times I forget that so many are watching and I get amazed by the outpouring of messages and communications I have with others about their journey and what sparked them to do just one extra thing to better themselves daily.  I get even more emotional when they share that maybe it was because of something that I did or said that sparked an interest or activity.  You see, growing up I was a super shy, highly picked on little “Ginger Girl” that lived in a world of insecurity when it came to school and social situations.  Never in a million years would I think that I would be putting myself out there for all the world to judge and read about, but one day I decided that living in that bubble of insecurity and fear with all these thoughts to myself was just not good enough anymore and maybe just one post or one quote or one activity would spark someone to do the same.

Last week I attended one of my favorite conferences to date, FitBloggin and met up with some of my favorite blogger friends and even made a few new friends.  I love that we all have a common goal, make others feel confident and more secure about social situations and writing.  My most important take away there, FEEL CONFIDENT!!  Don’t let anyone steal your Sunshine!

Here was my quote from the weekend that I shared on my Facebook page –

Legacy to Leave BehindMy take away from this weekend, never judge, love much and hug often. Hearts may be hurting and need a little nurturing but in the end it’s about treating people who cross your path with more love, compassion and understanding than you would want someone to treat you. #gingermantra #LoveOthers #BeKind

So I challenge you as we begin the 2nd half of 2014 (HOLY SMOKES, where has the year gone!) to think a little more about the Legacy that you leave behind for others.  What will the things you done or said affect others in your world and what one thing could you change to be just a little more compassionate and take a risk by putting yourself out there.  You may be surprised how wonderfully fulfilled you come away from it feeling.



2 thoughts on “Compassion, legacies and putting yourself out there . . . Where do you Stand?

  1. Well said and great to think about. I think we positively impact others the most when we just do what is natural and right for ourselves, be it taking the risk to go after a dream or to be authentic and vulnerable for a change.

    1. Thank you Tiffany! It’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Being vulnerable is certainly one of the scariest parts of putting it out there, but in the end I feel it is totally worth it.

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