Beginning in 2012 I began conquering my fears and though I stumbled a few times I rarely looked back because that was not the direction I was headed.  Now, 2014, I am continuing on my journey to conquer those fears and also starting to cross some really big dreams off on my bucket list.  In March I will begin a new decade in my journey, as I will be turning 40.  I must admit, I used to think 40 was OLD, now I know OLD is just a state of mind.  It is not until you stop dreaming, believing and going for it.  I’m looking forward to aging, now more than ever in my life, because I know I am ready to face whatever life throws my way with a happy heart, a strong support system and most of all the will to be victorious!

Here are a few exciting moments of me conquering my fears since 2012!

Snowboarding in Keystone, COJust a few days shy of my 38th birthday, I conquered my fear of the speed of snow sports by hitting my first slope in Keystone, Colorado and placing my confidence in myself that I would use will and determination to get me down the mountain.

Urban Disturbance

Warrior Dash 2012That same year, I joined a few of my favorite Peeps to compete in my first of two obstacle races at the 2012 Warrior Dash and the 2012 Urban Disturbance.  I may not have been in the best shape of my life, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t give it all my heart!

Whole30 2013At the beginning of 2013, I faced my fear of putting it out there for the world to see and posting what I considered to be the most intimate look into why we beat ourselves up, the reflection in the mirror, on my journey to correct the way I approached food and alcohol.

Donna Half Marathon 2013As the month went by and I approached February and another bucket list item before turning another year older, 39, I signed up and  ran my first ever half marathon.  (Before that weekend the highest distance I had ever ran was a 6-mile run)

Donna Half Marathon 2013 RaceI finished that half marathon running the entire time in 2:23, still my best half marathon time to date!  I cried the entire last half mile!

Joe Mama's SangriaIn 2013 I faced another self-imposed issue that I desired to address for a long time, my relationship with social drinking.  I cut out alcohol for the entire first 4 months of 2013, then gradually added it back in moderation through the summer and then when fall race season approached again, I cut it out once again.  I now have control over my consumption of alcohol and it no longer has control over me.

2013 Race BlingAnother amazing fear I conquered in 2013 was my fear of failure!  I faced a tough race schedule this year with many back-to-back half marathon weekends, but each weekend taught me something not only about myself, but about the human spirit.  In us we have the WILL TO SUCCEED, but first we must believe in ourselves enough to go for it.

Fitbloggin' 2013I even stepped outside my mental comfort zone in 2013 and attended my first ever Blog Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Not only did I learn amazing skills about marketing my blog and myself, but I forged some really amazing friendships with other inspiring bloggers that I have the wonderful opportunity to call friend!  We truly had 4 of the most amazing days of the year at that conference!

IR4CarlyI found purpose outside of my selfish reasons to run in 2013 as I was matched in the summer with my I Run 4 family and Carly.  A little one that is quite capable of running, but not speaking or enjoying all the things we may take for granted.  I found compassion for those that cannot speak it for themselves.

SupportI also found so many that began to believe in me even more than ever before.  I made all the effort to make changes, but I never could have followed through with those changes without my family, friends and most of all my life partner and husband, Harley.  He supported and pushed me on those mornings when I just didn’t want to get my butt out of bed, go for that run or eat the things I really should be eating.  Without a strong support system, it’s sometimes difficult to GO GET THOSE DREAMS!

Biggest Loser Run Walk Half MarathonSo when you are struggling to find your way this year, just step back and think what exactly is holding you back.  Start your search for that by looking in the mirror and allowing yourself to know that it is ok to stumble, but never allow self-doubt and fear of failure to dictate your success!  BELIEVE IN YOU and go get those DAMN DREAMS!