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CORE Foods Defender Meals Review – “Quick, Simple and Keeps you Full”

Recently, I was given the opportunity by my Fit Approach SweatPink Sisters to try CORE Foods which is a full meal all wrapped up in a simple pack.  The food pack does require refrigeration and replaces meals for those times you may be on the go and have no room to store a huge lunchbox full of foods.

CORE Meals come in 2 varieties, Warrior (high-protein) and Defender (high-fiber), in 3 delicious flavors.

Here’s a little background information from the CORE Company –

On a quest to get to the bottom of human nutrition, our founder Corey Rennell trained with élite athletes, researched the biology of food and lived with 12 tribes from around the world. Remarkably, he discovered the most profound and consistent things we know about nutrition are REALLY SIMPLE. At CORE, we apply this enduring wisdom to make convenient, healthy, food. Inspired by the inherent reciprocity of the traditional people Corey lived with, CORE Foods is a not-for-profit B Corporation, with 100% of profit being reinvested in food, community, and the planet. We believe that healthy food is a human right and we strive to separate food from profit in the way we do business.

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CORE Meals are a fresh, full bowl of raw oatmeal to go. Eat like a bar, drink water, and you’ll be satisfied for hours! Made from 7 whole, raw, 100% organic, tested Gluten-Free ingredients, the whole foods in CORE Meals provide powerful, stable energy.  With a controlled, fully balanced ratio of calories, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats, CORE Meals are loved by athletes for pre/post workout meals and depended upon by busy moms and adventurers.
Defender 3 pack with ingredients

Here’s what I thought –

It’s like a bowl of oatmeal without all the mess and added sugars.  I liked its simplicity that you can keep your meal bars in the freezer and thaw them out as needed since they only take about 10 minutes to soften, you can grab and go in the car on the commute to work or school.  I placed my bar out on the counter just before finishing up the morning dash-out-the-door routine to work and by the time I got settled and on the road it was ready to eat.  With my 32 oz water bottle in hand, when I arrived at work I was fully fueled, hydrated and ready to face my morning!

Each meal has very simple flavors.  My favorite flavor of the three meals I tried had to be the Raw Almond Banana.  I’m a lover of bananas but most my favorite of the fruit breads has to be banana nut bread and this flavor combination reminded me of that favorite.

You can purchase CORE Meals directly from their website in varying quantities.  CORE Sample packs (3 Meals) are just $14.99 or you can choose larger quantities of 10 Meals for just $39.99.  They also have a CORE Challenge for those trying to get back on the healthy eating train!

Also checkout CORE Foods on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on new products and information.

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    1. Just make sure you keep them cool. They need “refrigeration” since they are raw food products. 😉 Enjoy!

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