Appalachian Trail HikeFor those that really know my husband, Harley and I (we would be the MEANS’), they know when we set out each week we push forward 100% and rarely take time to wind down.  That goes for our vacations and get-a-ways too!  We don’t just take trips in the Means house, we take adventures!  As as our summer comes to an end we are looking forward to embarking on a 2 week road-trip adventure to the Northwest.  Here are a few photos from past trips and adventures together!

421855_2834841351735_1331974841_nLet me back up a bit and give a little insight into how our plan for this year’s trip formulated.  Last summer our close friends, the Frierson family, made the decision that we wanted to go on a two-week Alaska trip which would be a wilderness and sight-seeing adventure for all of us, including their 9-year-old son.  In May, Harley and I received the final notification that we were Alaska wilderness property owners (we purchased 16 acres near Tok, Alaska, I included a shot looking out from our property below), so that just made the trip even more desirable to us.  But in June we were dealt some devastating news.  Our good friend found out he had a very aggressive form of brain cancer and after surgery would begin concurrent treatment to get his tumor(s) under control.  So after much discussion, Harley and I decided to scrap our Alaska trip until 2014 when, hopefully they will be able to join us, and to set out on a road-trip of our own.  2 weeks, 1 XTerra Pro, a lot of camping/hiking/backpacking gear, ALL THAT BLOGGING GEAR (as my husband calls it) and 2 very active adults  . . .

Means Property Tok, Alaska

Our destination – Ultimately we have no real plan.  We will get in  our truck and just head north until we pass enough distance that we do not have to drive through Kansas, because let’s face it 1) we are not storm chasers and 2) there is so much more to see farther north and driving through the Dakotas.

Harley & Tammy Means Road TripDaily Activities – Besides the daily task of driving we plan to enjoy some tent camping and out-n-back hike camping.  Our awesome friends at Trail & Ski always help keep us outfitted with the best gear and we plan to put it all to the test.

Sleep arrangements – As I said, with weather permitting, we will be making the most of our tent and camp gear.  Yes, we will splurge on hotels when necessary for showers or escaping mother nature, but for the most part we will be enjoying the wilderness.  (Yeah, this is no fu-fu trip!)

Dahlonega Thanksgiving HikeBut most of all – This trip will be some much-needed time to recharge our batteries and get to know more of the Northwest that neither of us have experienced before, especially in the non-winter months.  I plan to keep a daily journal and post A Blog Adventure every few days with photos and details on the high points we experience.

So stay tuned for our trip which will begin August 2nd and if you see that we are near you or a place you know and have suggestions for what to see/do, please feel free to leave a comment!  We hope to have you follow along with us.


6 thoughts on “Cross-Country Adventure “MEANS” a Whole Lot of Fun

  1. ooh, that sounds soo fun. Alas, the great Northwest is so not the great Southwest, so I’m guessing a SoCal pit stop is not on the unofficial no plan plan. 😉

    1. I so wish we could make it to SoCal, but I don’t think it will be on the radar this trip. We will get back out there soon though. 🙂

  2. It doesn’t sound like you’ll be rounding to me and Melissa in So Cal, but have an amazing trip. That picture from your property in Alaska is amazing.

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