Trying to eat better when you are literally almost starving from taking a late lunch sometimes seems like such a stretch and nearly impossible.

Yesterday I got home a little later than usual and had not grabbed lunch so I was starving.  Those are the days when bad choices always loom in my head, but I didn’t give in to the temptation that was tugging at my taste buds.  Instead I opted to grab some pantry items and put together a dish that I literally turned my nose up to as a kid because it was too “fishy” but these ingredients, quality, made my taste buds super happy!  I give you my “Diary-Free Tuna Helper for 1”!  A great alternative to that high calorie, sometimes full of junk, dish that we all know so well.

Ingredients –

Cook your bowtie or farfalle pasta and drain, I like to drizzle mine with a little bit of olive oil and a light kosher salt dash to flavor it up before I use it in my dishes.

In a large bowl, empty drained can of yellowfin tuna and separate with fork.  Add in tomatoes, shallot and seasonings.  Once pasta is cooled a bit, add it with the vegenaise and parmesan crumbles.  Garnish with the fresh chopped basil and enjoy!

Dairy-Free Tuna HelperI loved this dish and really could see it being a regular lunch staple since I could make it ahead and pack it in my lunch bag.  The yellowfin tuna is also much less “fishy” than regular canned tuna I have used in the past.  I always like to grab the packed in water version so that it is the healthiest version of “canned” fish that I can throw in.


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