Holy October, what a month it has been and it’s only the 13th!  I was so excited to have the #BOSUStrong challenge thrown in to the mix for a change-up of focus away from marathon training.  The one thing I love so much about the trainer is the diversity it brings to fitness.  Whether you  are looking for strength, stretching, improved balance or a stronger core, the BOSU Balance Trainer is your piece of equipment!!

BOSU Total BodyStrength Training – If you are looking for a diverse piece of equipment to get you a full body workout then the BOSU Balance Trainer is for you.  Total body workouts in individual and Group Fitness settings are so easily put together with the trainer.  I love that you can get a 30 minute workout in (if you are pressed for time) that will leave you feeling pumped and ready to face the world.  Upper Body, Lower Body and Core focused workouts can be put together for any fitness level.  Whether you are a beginner on your journey to strength or a seasoned athlete, the BOSU Balance trainer has you covered!

Standing Tree Pose on the BOSUStretching for Improved Flexibility – The other wonderful part about the BOSU Balance Trainer is it’s ability to assist with some amazing stretching and yoga poses for improved flexibility.  As someone who suffers from arthritis, sometimes the aid of the balance trainer to get a good stretch is just what I need.  You can use it for improved spinal mobility in what I consider essentially a corpse pose on top of the balance trainer to give a little extra spinal stretch or the best, pigeon pose while watching your favorite TV show to keep those runner legs and hips stretched out and ready to go.  Standing Tree Pose for me was really hard this challenge, but I think I finally nailed it after a few days of attempting it (though that leg isn’t as high on my thigh as others, I’m certain)

BOSU BalanceImprove your Balance – One of the best things I’ve gained is improved balance since I started using the BOSU Balance Trainer more than a year ago after my certification.  Whether doing weighted squats or standing tuck jumps, my balance is much more efficient on the trainer than when I started.  I don’t feel the need to constantly “stress” over whether I will be able to complete a balance focused workout or move as I did in the beginning and sometimes, while coaching others in a class, that can be quite the task to multi-task.

Get a Stronger Core – A stronger core is what we all want, realistically.  Whether in general fitness or as a runner or tri-athlete, it all begins with the core.  Holding you upright and strong and helping you through those tough workouts.  For me, these days, I feel like my core may be my weakest area.  Something that maybe I’ve put to the weigh side over the last 6 months of concentrating on marathon training.  Probably to my disadvantage.

But now I have time to focus on getting stronger and losing these extra pounds that I’ve put on.  I’m excited to bring some new diversity to my Thursday morning classes and continue to grow as a coach and stronger athlete.

So now it’s your turn.  Do you have a BOSU Balance Trainer?  What’s your strongest move on the trainer?  Where do you want to see improvement that you think the Balance Trainer will help you achieve?  I want to hear!  Whatever your goal, whatever your focus, give it 110% and remember, you are accountable for YOUR #BOSUStrong!  Do it, be it, LIVE IT!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own.  I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.  It has been a wonderful challenge month and a great privileged to work with the BOSU Brand.

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