From a young age, I always lived with the mentality that in order to lose weight you needed to eat less and workout more.  It was engrained in my head.  Society telling us that we must look thin and eat like birds.  Salad and water for me please, I can’t have those carbs, I can’t eat those sweets . . . . WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!

Totally sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, 3 weeks ago I went into a local nutrition store and received a body composition test and a little advice that I have heard time and time again from “the Boss Lady” Shannon at the Studio.  I was instructed once again that I need to eat more, fuel that body, more calories equals more fuel to complete those workouts, runs and other activities that drive me each week.  Working out 5 days per week and sometimes 6 if I have a race weekend, it’s truly a requirement (not necessity) to fuel my body with far more calories that I ever realized or expected I would need.  Things we know but as women, admittedly, take a little more time for women to wrap their minds around.  My daily calorie intake advice, 2600-3000 calories per day.  My immediate response, YEAH RIGHT!  But reluctantly, the next day I upped my calories, a struggle, but upped them nonetheless.

So three weeks have now passed, I’ve lost 10 pounds, some inches, some body fat and I’m no longer losing muscle mass.  Instead I am taking the necessary steps to give my body the fuel that it has needed for quite some time now.  Results may not be overnight, and nor do I think I will ever weight what I weighed in high school (I’m being realistic here), but a clear plan to eat more and make sure that at least 70-75% of that is clean food and the rest of the time I can have whatever I want . . . Yeah, I’ll take that over ANY fad diet anytime!  No crazy pills, no starving yourself and then running for hours.  One step at a time, one meal at a time and one day at a time.

So if you find yourself working hard and seeing no results, I say to you, go and get your metabolic rates checked.  See just how many calories you need to support your active lifestyle and with both feet forward start fueling your body to make it your powerhouse!

This is me, 3 weeks ago on the left and this morning on the right.  Results are slow and calculated, just like the calories it takes to get there!

Eat More, Weigh Less

7 thoughts on “Eat More, Weigh Less – My journey to Productive Fueling

  1. Totally have been here. And also–the idea that you have to be smaller in order to be fitter. A little extra “fluff”? It helps you do more and do better!

  2. you look great keep up the good work. it’s all about fueling our bodies with the right food not necessarily how much!

  3. I went through the same thing a few summers ago when I realized my body needs more fuel, clean fuel that is, and I find I do much better when I eat more than I think I need. Keep it up 🙂

  4. you look amazing! what are you eating to reach your calerie goal?

  5. It is hard to overcome the idea of eating more… so glad you have found success over the last few weeks. You are so active that you need that food for fuel! I am also finding out that I need more calories for marathon training. Especially the few days before my long runs.

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