February Foodie Penpal Reveal – LJ from Kentucky gives Foodie Fun!

I have taken a few months off from my Foodie Penpal group due to the new year and the dietary restrictions I had in January, but I decided to sign up again in February and give the penpal concept another shot in 2013.

This month my penpal was awesome!  As a first time participant, she jumped right in and researched me and my blog (this information is provided to penpals once matched up) and then contacted me afterward and her excitement radiated over the email correspondence.  It’s always nice to be paired with someone who gets your food loves and also your dislikes.  She didn’t disappoint!

This is my February Foodie Penpal Reveal from LJ from Lexington, Kentucky –

True Kentucky Blueberry Peach Salsa – Gluten Free and Low Sodium that is Sweet and Mild.  Since we enjoy cooking Mexican cuisine at least twice a week, this yummy salsa will be used soon I know!  LJ shared that this is one of her favorite salsa brands and that it’s made right in her home state.


Next in my box of foodie goodies was a version of Trail Mix from Enjoy Life – No Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix in Mountain Mambo flavor.  This mix consists of sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips and cranberries!  The package notes that it is free of 8 common allergens.

Mountain MamboShe also included some Beef Bouillon by Celifbr that has no added MSG in a cool “retro” package which also notes that it contains no genetically modified ingredients and is free of active yeast and is vegetarian and vegan approved.  This would be great for a quick soup base in a pinch!

bouillonNow comes the sweet stuff!  Amport Foods Chopped Dates which are All-Natural, Fat-Free and a great source of Fiber, Iron and Potassium!  While on my Whole30 in January, I grew to love all things dates as I was falling in love with the flavors of coconut!  I’m really looking forward to trying these in some of my recipes in the coming weeks.

datesFinally, the sweetest of all the treats that she sent me, Jamieson’s Fine Dark Chocolate with Milk bar that is 47% Cocoa Solids.  Though I am trying to keep my sweet tooth to a minimum, I love keeping some chocolate in the freezer for those must have days.  While higher Cacao chocolates are more often recommended, I’m very willing to give this little chocolate bar a try in March.


Another special thanks to LJ for her awesome February Foodie Penpal package and she even include a cool note explaining each item and why she chose to include it.  I’m looking forward to using all my goodies!


Interested in becoming a Foodie Penpal yourself?  Check out The Lean Green Bean and sign up!  The rules are, you must send out your package no later than the 15th of the month and you spend at least $15 on your box-o-goodies that you send to your penpal.  There is a correspondence process which you find out likes/dislikes/food allergies, etc. and then the fun begins.  It’s a great concept that brings new flavors and products to you that maybe you would have never heard of or purchased for yourself and also some pretty cool recipe ideas!

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