Coming off a huge accomplishment, like say finishing a marathon, after months and months of training and preparation can certainly leave one asking . . . What’s Next!?  Another epic challenge or something small like a personal obstacle you want to overcome or goal to achieve.  Whatever it turns out to be, take time and find out within yourself how bad you want to make that goal, dream or obstacle reality.

It took me 6 months, some days not wanting to put the time in, some days wanting to throw up my hands and say “I’m done” and quit training for my marathon.  My body was tired, it told me more than once it was tired and right up to the week before race day when I was almost sidelined, I continued to push.  I wanted it, I NEEDED IT!  I pushed for others, I pushed to show that I could succeed in my goal to finish, I pushed with more determination that I realized I had within me.

I watch so many comments, posts and blogs go through my feed each day.  Many of them are about wanting to be in better shape or thinner or like “that” girl, but those are the times we need to look in the mirror and say, I want to be me and I deserve to be me because I’m worth it.  I’m worth fighting for, I’m worth the time and effort it will take to succeed.  No matter how long the unrelenting “it” may take, own your journey.  Your journey or struggle doesn’t have to be about fitness or weight, it can just be about simply improving yourself.  Stop comparing yourself to others or their goals and dreams.  Stop hating on the successes of others and fight for your own.  Live in peace and then and only then will you find the joy in YOUR journey.

Fight For It!Go forth today, as we head into the weekend, and pull yourself aside for some alone time and have a conversation.  Write down those goals and each Friday, we will check back in here for some motivation and encouragement.  Because when we fight for it with heart and support, we can do all things . . .

Today is a new day, be present in your journey