Almost one month ago, on September 10th, I began Day One of my daily Self Accountability Log.  Now on Day Twenty-Seven I feel even more empowered than ever and here is why!

Daily I have a list of things I must complete in my accountability log which I look back on ~

  1. What I weigh in the morning right after I get out of the bed
  2. What exercise(s) I completed that day, for how long and how many calories I burned during the course
  3. Vitamins and Prescriptions that I took that day (holds me accountable for what I may have missed)
  4. Food and Drinks, no matter how bad or good my choices or weakness for that day
  5. Mood of the day
  6. Thought for the day or maybe insight of the day, but you get the gist

Then, on October 1st as most of you have read, I began the Eating Rules unprocessed food challenge for 2012.  I’ve given it 99%.  I have given 1% to those pre-race days that I must eat some maybe not absolutely unprocessed items, but still keeping my choices in check.  I mean realistically, my cheats have been 1/2 of a bagel thin and homemade lasagna with Gluten-Free Rice noodles.  Those items only made up very small parts of my alter-eating from the challenge.

So now at day 27 how do I feel?  I feel absolutely amazing!  Yes, I think more about food than ever before.  Reading about it, writing about it and trying it out.  I’ve also kept myself disciplined on my workouts making sure that I keep up with my weekly cycle classes and never miss more than one if I can absolutely help it.  I run once per week with my running partner and look forward to adding some runs in the future.  I achieved a personal best and finished 3rd place in my age group for a recent 5K event that I participated in.  I haven’t had to take a single Ibuprofen or Tylenol for my arthritis, only for the minor body aches of exercising, which are becoming more and more minimal, but I’m still working it hard.  I feel like I’m finally finding myself and my own gingermantra on what has been a very long struggle to figure out what works for me.

I want to make it perfectly clear, I am not on a diet, I am on a journey to heal myself and my body!  To clean out the bad and put in the good.  To make sure that my autoimmune disease no longer has control over me, but that I have control over it.  To not allow myself to beat myself up for having rice noodles or a half of a bagel thin, because IT’S REALLY OK to have that in moderation.  Heck, I even had ice cream last month.  Nope it was not fat-free and it was not frozen yogurt, it was all out pralines and cream and it was DEVINE!  I enjoyed every bite of the two scoops that I indulged in.  And I can practice self-control because the remains of what we had are still in the freezer and untouched.  I don’t even think about it being there, and yes, it even went in the book and I was accountable for it!

I’ve changed many things in my little world and it seems that things are paying off in huge ways.  I was invited to be a Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador, which is a huge honor.  My blog was invited to be listed on the Around the Plate Recipe Guru site.  I’ve been contacted by local restaurant owners that have invited me to come in and get behind the scenes looks into all aspects of their business, try their food and then to be able to blog about it.  I’ve participated in the Lean Green Bean Foodie PenPal monthly group, which I am participating in again this month and have connected with two more fantastically motivated women in the world of fitness and nutrition.  And that’s just to name a few.  Really amazing things are happening and they are happening quickly and I am so very happy that I decided to work on me and make all the positive changes that I needed to put me on my positive journey.

Maybe it’s the ink finally soaking in or maybe it’s just me finding my own inner gingermantra.  Whatever you give, give all you’ve got.  There is no magic pill, just DAMN HARD WORK!  I am so happy that each and every one of you are with me along for the reader ride and I hope that I have shared some things that have helped you make positive changes on your journey so far.

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