Tammy & MomWhew, what a busy weekend I had here at home!  Almost as tiring as traveling to a race, but not lacking in the emotion and sense of accomplishment!  Late last week I decided to sign up for a local 5k benefiting breast cancer in our town’s “Paint it Pink” celebration.  I was excited even more because my Mom would be walking in this race that I would also be running.  She’s on a mission to stamp out cancer by putting in miles!   When I looked at the course, I tell you it made me even more excited because of the difficulty that lay ahead for all of us running.  So many hilly parts to the course and the last half mile, straight up! I wasn’t going to let that deter me though from participating in this race that was so important to so many.

Tallahassee Democrat InterviewI was briefly interviewed by a reporter that was covering the event for the Tallahassee Democrat.  She asked, why are you doing this race today?  For me the answer was simple.  For cancer survivors, patients and those battling cancer Period!  You see, cancer has affected my family in so many ways I cannot even count really, from my own issue with cervical cancer more than 10 years ago, my maternal grandmother lost her battle with colon cancer at age 56, my paternal grandmother lost her battle with melanoma, my first cousin at age 8 lost her battle with a brain tumor and one of my best friends is currently battling stage 3 uterine cancer.  Not to mention some wonderful friends of ours that are both battling for their life with brain cancer.

So for me Saturday was a quiet emotional race that I ran for those that cannot.

MRTT Go Pink 5KAs I ran, I was honored to have the encouragement of so many including several of my Moms RUN This Town Chapter Members that also came out to support a close friend of theirs that has battled breast cancer for quite sometime.

Moms GirlsAnd there was also Mom and her friends Janice and Heather that came out to walk in honor of my Grandma, Mom’s mother.

While I feel that my work on preparing for my upcoming half marathon and hitting the hill training helped some, I think that just the sheer will to keep going for those patients is what made me keep pushing through to the end of this race.  Their battles are not over, new cases are discovered every day, but with the help of events like this we can do our part to support the fight to end this awful thing we know as Cancer!

NEVER give up hope!  Keep fighting the battle and give support, compassion and love when possible because to me, this disease has proved that you never know when it will show up or directly affect you or someone you love and care for dearly.