Heard or experienced all the new rage in Food Trucks? Local foodies have created a fantastic little assemblage of Food Trucks called Tallahassee Food Truck Association to serve all over town with fresh made sampling of a vast array of cuisine types. They have several areas that they congregate, from Food Truck Thursday at the Food Truck Hub on Tharpe Street, First Friday at Railroad Square Art Park and All Saints Hopyard just to name a few. They are most likely to be around downtown and sometimes local high schools serving their flavorful fare.

I, being a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of dine local, decided to finally get out and experience Food Truck Thursday last night with a small group of friends. Here’s how it goes down. You find a parking spot, we parked across the road in the Publix parking lot and walked over, but there is limited parking right at the Food Truck Hub. They suggest you not park in the Burger King Parking lot or the Quick Wash Laundry parking lot to make sure that you do not get towed while you are enjoying your indulgence of culture and food. The event is BYOB (Bring your own beer or booze) to only consume and enjoy while attending the event if you so wish. Let’s be realistic, don’t walk across the street from Publix with an open obvious cocktail, we are all adults here. You find a laid back spot to pop out your chair or spread a blanket, we opted for chairs since we like the camping chair comfort and sit back and figure out which of the trucks you want to sample first. Prices are so very reasonable, most items we saw on menus were under $10 per item. Oh yeah, and did I mention there is free live music to boot!?

So, not really wanting to consume a standard burger or pizza, my husband and I opted for a Food Truck that I had my eye on a few weeks ago at the downtown art festival, Typhoon Adobo. They offer “Filipino Fusion” Cuisine. We opted out of the new sandwiches they were introducing and went with Adobo Chicken (plenty to share) and a Pork BBQ skewer with steamed rice and a vegetable egg roll. The meal comes with a drink and we got it all for just $11.50. Leaving room and money for other options if we wanted to indulge later. The Adobo Chicken was very flavorful and you didn’t feel like you needed the rice to fill in the gaps as sometimes I feel you get left wanting for a little something extra, hence the french fry sides, etc. The Pork BBQ was simply amazing! I knew that I was not leaving another event that they were serving without trying that dish.

Other fellow foodies in our group also tried the Street Chefs and had the “The Not Yo Daddy’s Cheeseburger” and the “Not Yo Mama’s Grilled Cheese” and really found them full of flavor and without all the grease for the low price of $15 total.

While their daughter tried the Fired Up Pizza Truck, because let’s face it, what kid doesn’t like pizza! She is a very picky eater and finished every bit! She’s a cheese pizza kinda girl.

Finally, others in our group tried the Big Easy Snowball Food Truck and raved about them. While my husband and I are not big on sweets these days, Big Easy Snowballs offer so many flavorful combinations and the small is big enough to share! Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery and “The Dude” are also out selling cupcakes until they are gone. By the time our group was ready to sample them, they were gone. So if you are looking to get your cupcake fix, get’em early!

So the next time you are wanting to sample a few different types of cuisines in one spot without breaking the bank, head out to one of the Food Truck gathering locations and support these local chefs and their Food Trucks!