Whole30Fall is coming and even though many people try to get in shape for the summer, for some runners, myself included, the summer is the time to take a little reprieve from being so strict.  But sometimes we take a little too much time off from keeping ourselves in shape and ready for race season . . . *raising both hands*   I am GUILTY of exactly this!  I actually started feeling my age this week and THAT SH*T AIN’T HAPPENIN’ to this girl!  So what do I plan to do about fixing my over indulgence in all my food guilty pleasures?  I am beginning another Get Yourself Right Whole 30 on September 1st!  I will plan to post weekly about the ups and downs as I did before and my progress to getting my belly and body back under control.

I know a lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about what they consider to be fad dieting, myself included in some of those instances.  But this is not a diet, it’s a plan to get your body back in the best nutritional state you can and with the added benefits of increased energy for physical performance.

Wanna join me in this September journey to getting fit for Fall?  Here’s how you can do it –

READ THE BOOK! – First and foremost, I have to say to get the best results and the most out of the Whole30 program you must begin by reading the book, “It Starts With Food” which outlines all the do’s and don’t’s of the Whole30 plan!  I would recommend that you purchase the actual book instead of the Kindle version so that you have it as a reference to write in, etc.  My copy is full of sticky notes and  highlighted sections for quick and easy reference in a pinch.

It Starts with Food

Do your homework! – Get ready for the month by looking through your pantry and making sure that the available options for you are Whole30 compliant.  Arm yourself with your shopping list and hit the local grocery market or health food store.

Whole30 RulesRecord your progress! – Beginning with day 1 make sure you record everything, from images of your body down to what foods you loved or didn’t love and the emotions attached to those foods.  Then you should use that as a stepping stone to get you through the next day.  This really helped me in January when I did my first round of Whole30.  I looked back at the end of the 30 days and was amazed by how far I had come and my loss of inches in just a short time.  No, I didn’t lose an astronomical amount of weight, but I’m not about the number on the scale these days.  But my clothes fit better, I ran faster and I felt better each day by following the clean plan.

I really wanted to begin on August 1st, but since I will be taking a 2 week cross-country adventure, I thought it best to begin after we return.

So who is in?  I have created an event on my gingermantra Facebook Fan Page that you can choose to join and post weekly updates, questions and share directly that may potentially be shared either within the blog updates or on the Fan Page updates each week as we progress through the challenge!  I’d love to take this journey to getting healthier together.

3 thoughts on “Get Yourself Right Whole30 September – Who’s With Me?

  1. Wow! Not sure I can do the Whole 30, but I am up for cutting some things out for sure! 🙂 Miss you my friend

  2. No alcohol?! Lol.

    I’ll get the book & think about it. I always want something more when I’m not allowed to have it. 😉

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