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If you know me or run with me you know I am totally in love with all things that help improve your run, your eating and getting the energy to get through your workout, etc.  So I decided to share each week a few of my favorites for you to check out too!  Here are a few of my “Friday Favorites” for this week.

Mizuno Creations – By far my favorite pair of running shoes that have also gotten me through 3 half marathon’s this year are my Mizuno Wave Creation 13 shoes.  Sadly, the pair I own are getting up in miles so I will have to retire them to workouts soon, BUT I will not fret because Mizuno has released the Wave Creation 14 and are totally worth the price, $149.99!  Also, sign up for the Mezamashii Run Project for a chance to review a shoe for FREE!


Pearl Izumi Running Skirt – I absolutely LOVE running in the ever popular women’s running skirts!  One of my favorite these days is from Pearl Izumi.  The Pearl Izumi Women’s Infinity Run Skirt has an added feature to the boy shorts underneath that prevents mid-run riding up, MAJOR PET PEEVE!  An added plush elastic silicone leg gripper allows you to enjoy your run.  Moderately priced around $33 from, I have several of these in my running closet!

Pearl Izumi Women's Infinity Skirt

Nike Plus App – My go-to running app always seems to be my Nike Plus for iPhone app.  While sometimes it seems a bit frustrating that you don’t get precise finish times on race day, you can track great information to keep you on track with training!  You can follow friends, challenge each other and keep up with your pace and other important runner information each month for FREE!  As an added bonus, Nike has introduced the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Powered by TomTom, which allows you the freedom from being tied to your cell phone if you choose.  Priced moderately at $169, the Nike+ Sportswatch allows you the option to use the foot pod for non-road running days or cycling tracking and you can also get heart rate information by adding a Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter, sold separately by most vendors.  Oh yeah, IT’S RECHARGEABLE!  No more battery issues!  With a charge life of up to 8 hours, you won’t have to worry about your battery dying as with some other GPS and monitor products available.


So those are a few of my faves!  Check out the websites for more reviews and purchasing information.  Also, share some of your favorites by commenting on this post!  I love to hear about new running gear and gadgets!

**No compensation was given for the review of any of the products listed in this blog post**

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