Friday FavoritesWho doesn’t love the funny “Hey Girl” runner quotes that some female runners find themselves posting with a photo of Ryan Gosling and some witty saying about being there for you.  Last year a while a girlfriend was visiting she encouraged me to watch the movie with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell called CrazyStupidLove and I totally fell in love with the idea that the writers chose to emphasize.  “Be better than the GAP” was one of my favorite quotes from that movie.  If you have not seen the movie, Ryan Gosling makes over Steve Carell who is a 40 something married man whose wife cheats on him and he attempts to reinvent himself beginning with wardrobe.  Wardrobe issues sound familiar?


So many times I have seen photos of myself, whether working out, running or even day-to-day outfits, and I just couldn’t put my finger on what I was so unhappy with in the photo.  Finally I had an A-HA moment and realized, yes I am a work-in-progress but the biggest problem I, and most women in America, suffer from is choosing clothing that just isn’t the right fit!  So I decided to begin working on this “problem” so my work that I have put in on improving my self-assessed body image will not fall by the wayside.

So here are some suggestions for preventing those Not So Flattering fitness moments.

If you aspire to be a medium but are not quite there yet, don’t wear the medium out to exercise.  There will be no “clothes police” at the door to the gym or the beginning of your run asking to check your “size“.  And if it truly bothers you that much, CUT THE TAG OUT!

tartan and sequins_workout tops_cluelessT-shirts and Tank Tops – Choose tops that fit properly so you are not expending your mental energy on worrying with your workout shirt, but concentrating on your form!  Myself, I love a good looser fitting shirt that allows me to move and less cling during workouts.  One of my favorites is the New Balance N7118L Ladies Ndurance Athletic V-Neck T-Shirt.  (Average price $19.99)New Balance N7118L Ladies Ndurance Athletic V-Neck T-ShirtRunning Skirts – I hate it when you put on a running skirt and immediately the back of the skirt rides up so all you see is the shorts underneath much less that dreaded mid-run pick!  I like some coverage, after all, it is why I chose to wear a skirt and not just the little compression shorts that are generally underneath!  I’m still totally in love with the construction of the Pearl Izumi Women’s Infinity Run Skirt.  The shorts underneath have a lining around the thigh that holds snug to prevent riding up, so NO Picking during your run.  The length of the back skirt is long enough to cover my not so favorite areas of my upper hamstrings.  (Average price $30-$60)Pearl Izumi Women's Infinity SkortRunning Shorts – Since I prefer running in the skirt pictured above, finding a short that is comfortable without ridding up during my run was a little tough.  I finally found the 2XU Women’s Cross Sport Short and love the light weight construction and with the proper fit, it does not rid up.  (Average price $30-$60)

cross_sport_short_blk_horizon_redSo the next time you find yourself thinking, “wow I really don’t like the way my workout clothes look”, you may need to address your wardrobe and see if maybe your clothes are not the proper fit.   You don’t have to go broke to look great, you just have to wear the proper fitting attire.  And always remember with your wardrobe, aspire to “Be better than the GAP”.  Happy Sweating!


4 thoughts on “gingermantra Friday Favorites – “Be better than the GAP”

  1. Love this post! I have never run in skirts but heard great things about it. Need to try! LOVE clueless!
    emma @

  2. I have recently thought about taking my medium-small clothes to the alterations place. So that it can just be a medium & fit properly.

    Running clothes. I prefer loose fitting shirts. I just recently began wearing spandex for winter wear. I’m glad it’s getting a little warmer. I can break out the shorts.

    I have one running skirt. The jury is still out on it.

  3. Excellent post! I completely agree that proper fitting workout clothes are a must. When you feel good in them and don’t have to fuss with the clothes, you can have a much more focused workout 🙂

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