monday motivationIn my late twenties and early thirties, I was totally obsessed with my arms and arm workouts.  What’s sexier than a woman with shapely arms!?!  With the weight gain that occurred through my mid to late thirties, my arm muscles went by the wayside.  I decided I had enough of sitting there missing my shapely arms so in April I decided to do something about it!  With an idea of emphasizing on my arm workouts I made sure to commit myself to working my arms several times a week.  I must say, I am quite pleased with the results that I gained in a month’s time.

Week 1 – I apologize for the extremely poor photo, but they do get better after I found a new place and camera to take the photo diary!

Week 1Though some would love the “bulky” appearance to the arm (which I admittedly kinda do myself), right now I am working on trying to get a leaner look.  I can always improve with more weight later.  By the end of week 1 my arms were so sore!  Typical for muscle groups that you do not work often and then torture with strength training.

Week 2 – A better week and a better photo

Week 2In the second week, the severe pain of the less worked arm muscles began to subside, but there were still post workout days of “What the heck are you doing to me” feelings from my burning arms and shoulders.

Week 3 – Just a little difference, but you gotta work for it to get the full-effect of results

Week 3In week 3 I did not feel like much progress was showing in the photo, but I could certainly tell I was getting a little stronger this week.  Pushing to a few added exercises gave me what I needed to start on the next week and not get stuck in a rut!

Week 4 – Holy MUTHA, kicking into some heavier weights, OUCH!

Week 4Week 4 brought on the ability to increase my weight on my arm workouts.  No longer did I feel like I had to take it super easy on my shoulders especially.  My strength was growing and the amount of weight I initially started with was no longer challenging.  4 Week Mark proved to be a great week!

Week 5 – Yes, I’m counting the last 2 days of the month as a new week because, well, it was a new week that still included April

Week 5Though to me I looked a little leaner in Week 4, in Week 5 I was still happy with my final result for the month’s challenge of working on my arms.  I felt like the water weight that I seemed to start the week with may have been a reason, but I’m not letting that hold me back or be less proud of all my efforts I made in the month.  Work is work and I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on!

Free WeightsMy motivation for arms in May will be to make my workouts a little more challenging and to introduce some new exercises and circuits.  I would also love to get back the look of my shapely arms when they are relaxed, not just when I am holding them up for a flex shot for recording.  I’m making May a leaner month too and adding the Squat Challenge that I shared last week.  Who’s with me?  Got ARMS!?!

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