Some days it seems to be all I can do to muster the energy to get myself up out of bed, much less, get into the gym at 5:00 am to get a weight training session in with my hubby.  I lay there thinking about how much I will regret later not going and finally hurl myself out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready.  Yes, we go to bed early, 9 pm most nights in fact (ok, some of my friends reading this will say it’s more like 8:30 pm) but you get the idea, but I still find myself struggling even with a full night’s sleep to get up early.

Monday is often the hardest of days to get motivated, but the thing that gets me going is that it’s a new week.  It’s the time you can make new goals and go “KICK ‘EM IN THE FACE” and you will walk away with a greater sense of accomplishment and even more you will be on track for a more productive week of keeping yourself healthy.

So why not start this week with setting some goals?  I find that sometimes weekly goals are easier to stick to than the dreaded month-long goal.  Here are a few options you can set as this weeks goal and GO GET IT DONE!

  • Challenge yourself – I’m doing a month-long #PlankADay Challenge with my Moms RUN This Town group working up to 4 minutes by April 30.  BUT you don’t have to do a month-long plank challenge, how about setting some goals for a week-long challenge instead?  Here’s a sample to use for those just starting out that want a little challenge.  I like to use the stopwatch on my iPhone to record my time.  I’d love to see some of you do this challenge and tag #gingermantra in your post so I can see your progress!plank challenge
  • Plan your week’s meals and prep ahead of time –  Yes, today is Monday and it may be a little late for this week, but why not start planning to be organized for next weeks meals?  You can make ahead breakfast and lunch as a grab-n-go or how about all three meals for the day?  Keep your snacking to a minimum though, as it could throw off your cravings and create a sugar craving.  My go-to snack is often some type of fruit for afternoon snack, but I try to keep my fruit intake to only twice per day (I know my body’s limits) and instead of dessert, I enjoy a ruby red grapefruit with nothing on it, you’ll get used to the natural flavors and eventually this will be an incorporated sweet fruit you’ll love to choose!
  • Setup a weight training plan – If you are an athlete, making a weekly plan is sometimes daunting, but once you get started and especially when  you begin to see results, the planning gets more exciting and much easier!  This month I have focused on building my upper body strength since I spend so much time running and working on my legs; however, it is just important for me to work in leg strength training on non-running days so that I can build lean muscle to help build endurance and speed.  I’m looking forward to some summer speed-work training days instead of racing in the coming Humid Florida Heat!
  • Schedule group runs or walks with friends – I generally try to set up at least one group run or partner run per week for a long run not only to keep me accountable, but to challenge me to keep up with someone else’s pace.  Maybe you’re not a runner though.  This idea can be applied to whatever your workout of choice is.  Maybe you get a few women (or gentlemen) together for a group walk after work one evening and you commit to an amount of time you will walk or maybe an amount of miles.  Either way, your out and your moving and your holding yourself accountable for your commitment.
  • Plan to reward yourself at the end of your week –  Whatever your go-to reward is, the end of the week when you’ve successfully completed your goals, take time and reward yourself.  Don’t take this opportunity to sabotage all your hard work you put in over the week, but do take time to “stop and smell the roses” and get some relaxation time in before starting a new week.Set Goals

And there you have it, a few gingermantra Monday Motivations that you can incorporate to your weekly planning.  What are you going to plan this week to get yourself motivated?  Share your ideas in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I’m in the process of writing a new “come back from injury” training plan. So far, it’s going well. This should keep me motivated for a bit. 😉

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