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What things are important when picking a supplement bar?  To me, ingredients . . . ingredients . . . INGREDIENTS!  The GoMacro bar is Vegan Certified, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Non-GMO.  They are also a family owned company which, to me, is really wonderful.  No big corporate powerhouse just trying to sell a bar to the fitness genre.  I really love that.  But taste is a big factor to me also and the question to always ask, is there a nasty aftertaste?

Some of the other questions that I address . . .

GoMacro BarsDoes it give you enough bang for your bite?  Admittedly, when I first saw the size of the GoMacro Mini I wasn’t certain it would give me the fuel boost I needed to get in my stomach pre-workout or pre-run, but after a week of using it for both, it proved to be the perfect portion for those fueling times.  I pair it with my applesauce pouch and I’m ready to take on the workout without any lulls in energy.  It does not ever cause stomach upset or that awful case of post fueling burps.  (You know what I’m talking about!)  I also keep one in my hydration belt for long run days that require a little mid-run refueling.  They are a perfect fit all the way around.

How much does the tummy like it (or dislike it)?  I touched on this a little above.  As I have used different methods for fueling in the past and really noticed that my stomach “talks” to me during my workout, I don’t get that with these products.  I will say; HOWEVER, that I have cut out peanuts from my fuel options because, well, my stomach just cannot handle them.  I think maybe that is because they are not actually a nut!  They are officially classified as a bean and that makes perfect sense since I have a little aversion to legumes!  So the answer to this question is, the tummy LOVES it!

Would you buy it if it were offered locally?  Luckily for me, GoMacro bars are offered in local stores in my hometown.  Not specifically in the flavors that I am in love with right now, but they are available nonetheless.  I have found them at my local food coop, New Leaf Market and our local Whole Foods location.  Moderately priced for a bar, but then again it is the full size bar instead of the mini.  Compared to other brands, the costs is totally comparable and worth it.

I want to know more about this little family owned company called GoMacro!!  Here’s a little more background . . .

They have an amazing business plan, in my opinion, which is based on what they call their “Core Principles” of being a “Big Picture” company.

The pursuit of health is a path of living in balance with ourselves and nature with products that have positive effects on the world.

  1. Live Long Macrobiotic – A macrobiotic diet is the key to a long, healthy life

  2. Veg Out Vegan – Eat food, not too much.  Mostly plants

  3. Be Well Wholesome – If Nature didn’t make it, we don’t use it!

  4. Tread Lightly Sourced Sustainability – Let us walk softly on the Earth with all living beings great and small.

  5. Community Gives Back – Pay it forward.  Give Back.  Change the World.

Available in 11 incredible flavors, these are GoMacro’s original and most popular bars that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and deliver plenty of clean-burning natural energy. All MacroBars are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, kosher, gluten-free and vegan certified.

So what flavors do they offer you ask?  Here’s a quick list of their flavor lineup –

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Cashew Butter (by far MY FAVORITE of all!)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Banana+Almond Butter
  • Sunflower Butter+Chocolate (this one is REALLY yummy too!)
  • Almond Butter+Carob
  • Granola+Coconut
  • Sesame Butter+Dates (3rd in line as my favorite)
  • Cherries+Berries
  • Cashew Carmel
  • Apples+Walnuts

As a bonus, they have an email subscription list that offers notification on special deals and savings through their website!  So if you are in the market for a new supplement bar with a great business model that is conscious of the world around us, I encourage you to go check out GoMacro and test their goodness for yourself!  OH YEAH, and use discount code BLOGGER at checkout to receive 40% OFF your first order!!!

Don’t forget to follow them on Social Media also to stay up to date on new products and offerings!

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Until next time, just keep moving . . . FORWARD!

2 thoughts on “GoMacro Bars – A “Big Picture Company” with a Flavorful Line of Products

  1. I love GoMacro! Cashew Caramel is probably my favourite. The only local store that carries them doesn’t have much selection and keeps moving them around the store, so they’re hard to find. I may need to order a box… I need nutrition on the go for longer bike rides (Half-Ironman training).

    1. I’m certainly placing an order for a box of the mini cashew butter. I love them and was so disappointed that the local stores didn’t carry that flavor.

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