Say goodbye to pesky double knots before runs and hello to slip-on sneakers!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the patented elastic locking laces offered by the makers of Lock Laces™.  And I must say, I’m in love with their product.  November begins my new fitness journey to train for a half marathon in February 2013, just a week and a half shy of my 39th birthday and I am excited to have found this product to aid me on my way to my goal.

Here are my thoughts on this product ~

Before my run on Thursday afternoon, I switched out my signature Fit Approach Ambassador gear of #SweatPink laces and replaced them with my Hot Pink Lock Laces™ (I still have to run in Pink!).

I slipped into my sneakers and synched up the laces and hit the road.  What I loved the most about this product is that my sneakers felt snug the entire time I was running.  The laces never loosened up during the run from my foot changing, like the slight swelling or loosening that sometimes happens well into a run/race.  There were no laces flopping around on my foot to catch my attention and I was able to concentrate more on my form because my sneakers fit so differently and BETTER!

Available in 13 different colors for just $7.99 each or sold in packs of 3 for a limited time for just $19.99, Lock Laces™ doesn’t disappoint.  Favored by runners and triathletes, because of the ease of transition, this bungee type lace that fits any sneaker and is custom fit by you.  Don’t like them?  Lock Laces™ offers an unconditional money back guarantee on all their products.  WIN-WIN!

Here’s how you use them ~

Simply remove your original sneaker laces and lace up with the Lock Laces™.  Next, you slip the laces through the locking mechanism and extend the ends down to the first lace and place the ends through the clip and snap them to the bottom lace.  Finally, snip off the excess laces (I clipped my laces after the fact to make sure they fit the way I wanted them to), slip your sneakers on and hit the road.

Not a runner?  Not big into exercise at all?  You can still use Lock Laces™ for casual use when you want to change your everyday tie up sneakers to a quick slip-on!

Want to WIN your very own Lock Laces™?  Tell me about your fitness journey and new goals you are setting for yourself to be entered for a chance to win FREE Hot Pink Lock Laces™!

7 thoughts on “GoodBYE pesky tying ~ Hello Slip Ons! gingermantra’s review of Lock Laces & A Give-A-Way!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try these out!
    Fitness Journey: run long distance events
    1. heal my pes anserine bursistis
    2. run regularly again (to train for events I’ve signed up for in 2013)
    3. Complete first half marathon in May 2013!

    Progress: PAB almost healed enough to run, but in meantime I can do strength training and low impact activities (yoga, bike, swim!)

  2. these are awesome. I use my reebok flex’s everyday and I swear no matter how many knots I make in those darn shoe laces they always come undone in the middle of my WOD! ahhhh! My goal is to run a half next year and continue with crossfit so I can kick major butt! (:

  3. I use these laces and love them! I need to get another pair. I use them in both my running/walking shoes and in my everyday shoes!

  4. New Reader! I have never used no-tie laces but would love to! My laces are so long and I get really annoyed when they hit my leg while running. Right now my fitness goal is to shave 20 minutes off of my half marathon time. Speed training is NO FUN! 🙂

  5. My fitness goals:
    1. I started doing bootcamp 3x a week, so that I won’t get hurt during my next half-marathon training.
    2. I’m working on losing 19 pounds (have lost 9 so far).
    3. I’m working to reduce my race pace to under 10 min./mi.

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