Training for a half marathon or just training in general sometimes leaves us out of fuel in the middle of a workout.  I find this to be especially true on days that I run more than 5 miles in a workout.

While I love cooler weather runs and they keep me a little more hydrated it seems, than those hot and humid Florida summer days that I dread training in, but even in cooler temperatures I still find myself needing a little extra oomph in the middle of my run.


In order to keep myself fueled in those times of mid-run need, I decided to give GU Energy Gels a try.  The GU Energy Gels are my favorite so far and they come in so many flavors.  I am particularly fond of the Strawberry Banana.  It doesn’t leave an icky after taste in my mouth and it’s just the right flavor to get it down while still in mid-stride.

GU Gel Flavors

At just 100 calories per pouch, these little packets provide just enough to get you through to your next push without all the excess calories or super doses of sugary taste.  These little packets also provide essential nutrients that your body is asking to replace.  Packed with Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Electrolytes and a boost of Caffeine, I love these little things!

I’m giving a way a few samples of the GU Energy Gels for readers to try.  Simply go to my GU Energy Gel Giveaway and enter to win some freebies and give them a try for yourself!

** Note – If you are following the Whole30 plan with me, this product is NOT Whole30 approved. **