Well, last week I shared my participation in the Highland Games from our recent trip to Alaska and this week, I am compelled to share the amazing Scottish/Irish inspired food that we indulged in!  I even got a chance to make Scotch Eggs, which I had always been too intimidated to attempt, but boy was I MISSING OUT!

Tammy & MaryWhen we arrived in Alaska that Wednesday evening we drove the 2 hours to meet our friends the Timms at their home in Tok.  After enjoying a little time with them and some dinner, we packed up all of the food for the weekend and headed to the cabin about 45 minutes away.  Saturday morning we got up and Mary was already busy in the kitchen getting all of the food prepared for the group of about 40 expected guests/participants, all friends and neighbors mind you, but eaters all the same!  When I say she cooked, I mean SHE COOKED!  She made so many variations of meat pie I was in awe of what she produced in their cabin that doesn’t have running water and minimal electricity.  This, my friends, is even more amazing to witness first hand!

Tammy Helping CleanMary had already put together the filling for most of the pies, but she still needed to make the pie crust and cook the pies.  As she worked diligently on that, Molly and I began working on the Scotch Eggs and when Mary had a free moment she sat down to help us.  3 Dozen Scotch Eggs, gracious it was messy, but totally worth every single bit of effort!

Though I will not be sharing any of her amazing recipes and/or secrets, I am compelled to share the beautiful photos of that delicious food!

Thanksgiving in a Pie“Thanksgiving in a Pie” – That’s what Mary calls this beautiful meat pie which also included wild cranberries which were picked from their property.  I mean YUM!  I referred to it as Heaven in a Pie!

Shephard's Pie“Shepherds Pie” was Mary’s next creation.  Here is a shot of it before she filled her homemade crust!

Soda BreadHomemade Soda Bread – When this came out of the oven it was all I could do to stay away from it!  Thankfully Mary wrapped it up in plastic wrap to keep us out of it until the next day when she would serve it!

Scotch EggsAnd last, but certainly not least, the Scotch Eggs!  (A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried)  I was so excited to be able to work on these with Mary and Molly.  We opted to bake them instead of fry them as they are traditionally finish.  Served with Spicy and/or Stone Ground Mustard . . . A-MAZING!

Tammy & MollyThis process took us well over an hour to finish since we made 3 dozen eggs.  I would certainly attempt to make these myself for a share-a-dish cookout or gathering in the future!  They were just that simple (well, once we got the knack for getting the sausage to stick to the egg) and were gone in minutes of putting them out for everyone!

So there you have it!  Just a few of the amazing dishes we enjoyed during our weekend at the Highland Games in Alaska!

Coming up . . . Part 3 of our 2014 Alaskan Adventure, visiting our Alaska property!

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