While I admittedly eat a minimal amount of oatmeal as a breakfast option, when I do I want it to be full of goodness and flavor instead of a lot of sugary additives.  So a few weeks ago I decided to give my bowl of oats a little Ginger Jams Jellies & Butters love and added my Cranberry Jam and Pumpkin butter, boy was that the RIGHT move for a little Holiday Goodness in a bowl and it only took a few minutes to boot!


  • 1 serving, organic Quick Oats (prepared)
  • 2 tablespoons Cranberry Jam
  • 2 tablespoons No Sugar Pumpkin Butter

In a microwave safe bowl, prepare your serving of organic quick oats (or use the stove top directions if you so desire).  Next add the Cranberry Jam and Pumpkin Butter and mix thoroughly.  I made a double serving to hold me over until lunch after my long morning run and it was awesome and very simple!

What’s your favorite quick go-to breakfast dish?  I’d love to hear how you incorporate different flavors to change-up the dull and boring breakfast rut.


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