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Neocell-Corp.-logoSeveral weeks ago I was introduced to NeoCell’s line of Collagen products. After speaking with the representatives of NeoCell, I received the Collagen + C and the Beauty Bursts to give a try.

NeoCell Collagen

Here is a little background on their products and philosophy from NeoCell:

NeoCell is the originator and industry authority on solutions that promote vital collagen health. We believe in the power of collagen, the body’s structural protein, and its ability to heal and nourish, providing youth not only of the body, but also of the spirit.

NeoCell started in 1998 by founder and fearless leader Al Quadri after an extraordinary personal experience. Al, a lifelong scientist and inventor, had just had major heart surgery and was having a difficult time recovering. His time spent in the hospital had atrophied his muscles, and his overall vitality was diminished. Al decided to incorporate collagen protein into his regimen after learning the integral role collagen plays in strengthening and rebuilding lost muscle mass and improving connective tissues.

Within just a few weeks, Al began to rapidly recover and regain his lost energy and vitality. Along with Al’s recovery came a great inspiration to start a company in the hopes that others could be helped by collagen supplementation. His goal was to create products that allowed people to live younger, longer, and happier. And with that simple and unwavering conviction, NeoCell took root. As a small, research-grounded, family-owned business, NeoCell began with the idea of introducing the world to a premium quality, naturally-sourced, collagen based supplement line.

Today, NeoCell is the number one collagen brand in the world and a leader in the fields of nutritional science and methods development. With millions benefitting from our efforts, we continually work on enhancing our line of products based on the leading scientific body of knowledge and manufacturing processes.

We produce products of the highest quality, integrity and efficacy so that people at all stages of life can live with confidence and vitality.

My Usage – I used these products first thing in the morning when I woke up and last thing in the evening before I went to bed. I used the Beauty Bursts in the morning. I chewed 2 Beauty Bursts upon rising and before I ate or drank anything. I took 3 of the Collagen + C tablets before bed each night with water.

In just a few weeks of using this product here are the noticeable changes I have seen in my skin and overall body.

Skin Tone – My complexion, though it has only officially been 3 weeks since starting these products and began to even out. I generally have very red-toned blotchy skin on my face and the past few weekends I have been able to go without makeup completely. This is huge for me since I am very self-conscious of what was my typical facial redness.

Healing – I have an autoimmune disease which creates a huge delay in healing from everything from mosquito bites to bruising and sometimes muscle recovery. Since using this product I have made note that any skin irritation healing has been cut significantly. Bruising that can normally take up to 3 weeks for me to heal from heals in just days. Mosquito bites, etc., I know, mosquito bites in a product review, but really I have noticed that these little summer buggers also have healed significantly faster. I’m talking just days here! Recovery from running and weight training have also speed up significantly.

Joint Pain – Significant reductions in overall joint pain and swelling were a huge noticeable change for me. I suffer primarily in my hands, arms, neck and back from my autoimmune disease and I have noted that my day-to-day pain has decreased. I get up in the morning and it’s not a challenge to get up out of bed. I don’t feel the pain in my lower back during my runs that I was previously plagued with. Changing eating habits and exercising often help me keep my joint pain under control and I am so happy that the added benefit of the Collagen products is helping me keep it under control even more.


I must say, I was afraid to run out of the Beauty Bursts so I went ahead and ordered another pack of those. I love the fruity flavor and they are not chalky or unappealing like so many other beauty based chewable products. It’s hard to not look at them as a candy treat. I am looking forward to trying more of their Collagen product line, specifically the joint repair products. You can check out NeoCell’s line of products by visiting their webpage and you can also purchase NeoCell products from various online stores like Vitacost. You can also checkout NeoCell on Facebook or Twitter for product updates!

**I was compensated by NeoCell with products only for this review. My opinions are my own and you should consult your medical physician before trying any product(s) for yourself.**

8 thoughts on “HOLY HEALING COLLAGEN! NeoCell’s Collagen + C & Beauty Bursts

  1. So, since you were taking both supplements at the same time, can you attribute the changes to either one? I had planned to buy the beauty bursts but hadn’t planned to buy the Collagen C. So I’m wondering what results I could see with just the beauty bursts. Also, I have uneven skin tone from years of acne…still get acne at 39 too. My whole reason for getting the beauty bursts would be to aid in these two issues. What is your thought…do you think I could see some results in just the beauty bursts? Thanks.

    1. I used the Collagen + C for the joint/ligament/tendon benefits. But it could have attributed to my skin tone, etc. I did not use them independently of one another so I cannot say that one was better than the other. I will say that my immune system has felt really great in addition to the other benefits so both products are something I will continue to use.

    1. Depends on the product Sue, but very very reasonable! I found the lower price to be at They are quick to ship also!

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