Ahhhhhh, Wednesday a/k/a Hump Day to some folks.  The perpetual downhill slide to the weekend and the beginning of what can turn into a 5 day drinking extravaganza depending on what is happening in your circle of friends and family.  Recently, I took a look in-depth at what I was consuming and needless to say, it was quite frightening.  Did you know that 5 oz of wine can contain from 105-200 calories? (How many glasses of wine are in a bottle again!?!)  How about that popular Vodka and Tonic (my normal drink of choice) you think is saving you calories, it has a whopping 200 calories per 8 oz.  Cinco de Mayo just passed and how many indulged in a Margarita or 2 or 3, etc.?  Most 8 oz margaritas contain at least 280 calories.  Let’s not exclude the guys in the group, one 12 oz beer can contain at least 198 calories.

While most of our Happy Hour celebrations begin on Wednesday night sometimes we celebration the occasional Thursday Girl’s Night Out or maybe you are hanging with the Guys for Monday night football or the NBA Playoffs.  We begin by saying, “I’ll just stay for one” and hang out for hours.  This perpetuates not only over drinking, but a windfall of snacking and overeating.

So approach our nights out in a different light, why not plan ahead.  NO, not eliminating nutrition from your day so you can consume your calories in poor decisions later.  How about creating a “mocktail” for alternating your alcohol consumption and helping our heads and bodies like us more in the morning?  Here’s how we will do it!

  • Liquor & Soda drinkers – why not forgo the normal full calorie soda and switch it up to a diet soda or a diet tonic
  • Liquor & Fruit Juice drinkers – why not opt for a fresh squeezed juice option (who says you can’t bring your own mixer and ask for a straight shot of liquor from the bar?) instead of the sugar packed processed fruit mixers.  Or some other options may be the new drink flavoring such as MiO or Crystal Light.  Did you know that Crystal Light has now introduced “Mocktail” flavors like Mojito and Margarita without all the calories of normal mixers???
  • Wine drinkers – Hard to have just that one glass of wine?  How about a wine spritzer?  Though making better choices about wine is often very complicated, usually sticking to the 1-2 glasses is the better choice.  Only we say we have to finish the bottle (or 2)
  • Beer drinkers – While I live with a self-proclaimed beer SNOB and light beers and “swill” as he calls it are not an option, why not grab for the light beer instead of the full calorie hop goodness?

Bottom line here, make a plan and a hydration effort too.  Make sure that you alternate your alcohol intake with either a “mocktail” or large glass of water.  Did you know a healthy snack before heading out for a Happy Hour may also help eliminate you feeling that first drink so quickly and when you are less tipsy you may not feel so tempted to dive into that less than healthy bar food or the dreaded Whataburger midnight run.

Our approach to how we deal with alcohol and consumption is an individual path that only we can direct ourselves on.  Maybe you are not even a drinker or recently gave up drinking all together.  No one says you can’t have something that looks like what everyone else is drinking.  So grab your sparkling water, a splash of light cranberry juice and throw in a lime and live it up don’t allow yourself to downhill slide into the weekend and wake up Sunday and wonder, “wow, why did I make such bad choices the last few days” you can start changing it now.