I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!  . . . What items make it to your fridge, freezer and pantry?  Recently after looking at people walking aimlessly in the grocery store piling in the items from the quick processed isles, I thought, hmm, I wonder how many people who complain about what they eat actually shop the outer store isles like meats, produce and dairy?

Admittedly, my husband and I do buy some quick meal options when we hit the grocery each week, sometimes going everyday depending on our schedule.  We love to make a fresh veggie pizza with a pre-made crust and pizza sauce and we also love to  have mexican night as often as possible.  I don’t eat the tortilla chips, but my husband hangs on to every last chip option he can since I do not like to have chips in our house and I do not make pasta dishes much anymore.

So what do we buy a lot of?  Generally a trip to the grocery store for this Means couple consists of fetching fresh vegetables and fruit for dinner and breakfast.  We buy two to three bags of spring mix or baby spinach along with fresh zucchini for oven roasting with shallots, avocados for salads and sides, grape or vine ripe tomatoes, we buy in season fruit as much as we can, but do generally stick with our strawberries and bananas for breakfast.  Fresh mushrooms, onions, gorgonzola cheese, shredded low moisture mozzarella and mexican blend cheeses,  extra virgin olive oil for homemade garlic balsamic salad dressing (my Mom’s absolute favorite), plain greek yogurt as a butter alternative, garlic cloves, cauliflower for garlic mashed cauliflower (a mashed potato alternative) since I cannot have many starchy, high carb items due to the reaction my body has to them.

Finding a way to cook for myself and what I can eat is becoming fairly easy, BUT being married to a meat and potatoes eater with a hearty appetite is sometimes not so easy.  My husband would rather I make a side of rice or pasta to go with our chicken and veggie dinners and side of salad, but has come to tolerate the lack of those items in our dinners since he sees how it affects me and though I should have the self-control to not eat it, he is very understanding.  We do have the occasional time or two that we have some pasta dinners like spaghetti or roasted veggie lasagna or his new favorite, baked ziti.  One cannot live on fruits and veggies all the time.

So what’s in your fridge?  Have you ever really taken the time to look through the rows and rows of refrigerator door condiments that you have?  Can you honestly say that none of those are out of date and that you use them as a go-to item or do you just keep them on hand to fill a space?  Our Means fridge has a lot of bottles of water that are cold for the middle of the night attack of thirst and for a grab and go for workouts.  It has eggs for breakfast along with our fresh fruit and my husband’s favorite, cinnamon-rasin bread (he likes it with my honey butter).  Frozen fruits in our freezer for breakfast smoothies, at least a weeks worth of meats to resist the temptation of eating out.  Yes, you do see butter in that freezer, it’s for the massive amount of baking that I do in the winter months for gifts, so when it’s on sale we grab it because I don’t want to pay the high prices in the holiday months if I can help it.  We have whole chickens for roasting in the oven or all day cooking in the crock pot and in the far back we have chicken broth (because we know what’s in it) saved for future dishes or sauces.

So my question to you is, what’s in your fridge?  I’ve shown you mine now show me yours.  Go home and check what you have in that fridge, freezer and pantry and tell me, do you have more fresh than processed?  Do you have an overwhelming amount of condiments just taking up space?  Do you actually take time to make a weekly meal plan?  Truly I believe, the health is in the planning and just a little time on the front end will save you from the expansion of your back-end!