Momentum Jewelry Wrap BraceletI get so frustrated, not because I lack motivation to workout, but because my body doesn’t cooperate with either my wanted level of intensity or working to help me lose weight and gain strength.   But I can’t allow that to stop me from attaining my goals . . . I must keep pushing harder and harder and harder to overcome my mind telling me “stop why, why keep on pushing”.  Sometimes we need a little motivation, maybe a little competition (as long as it is not defeating mentally), maybe a little more self-worth or a little more self-esteem and knowing that even though we don’t see results immediately ultimately all that hard work is worth it because even if the scale lies to us we ARE stronger and maybe a little faster but we’re definitely enduring.  I find that too often we are our own worst competition as we continue to beat ourselves down mentally, beat ourselves up for not being “better” and ultimately struggling not to just give up and quit.

Recently, after reconnecting with a company that I already have a piece from, I realized a simple piece of jewelry could sometimes be just the Motivation we may need!  To stand for a little reminder glimpse as to why I am pushing myself beyond my limits and defying odds and working hard everyday to just be better.  But before I share about that amazing company I wanted to reach out to some very inspiring ladies that I see pushing each week to be better in so many areas of their life journey and see what motivates them to get healthy!

Meet Ashley, who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past several months and had the opportunity to recently race by her side for her first 5K Race!  Watching her cross that finish line made every single sweaty workout together so much more amazing!

Ashley Stone RunningMeet Mandy, who I met a couple of years ago when I joined Badass Fitness for bootcamps and TRX training.  I ran along side Mandy for 2 obstacle races, Urban Disturbance and the Warrior Dash and she has been pushing herself to workout all along.  I love that Mandy is always full of smiles in class and she is one of the one’s that has been there from the beginning of this journey!  She always shows me that even when we are our own biggest doubter and health issues get in the way of our determination, that perseverance and resolve to GET AFTER IT ultimately get us back on track!  Sometimes you just gotta say SCREW IT and put your head down and work!

Mandy Moore RunningMeet Nela, one of my Tallahassee Chapter of Moms RUN This Town Mamas!  She has pushed herself to becoming healthy and an amazing runner over the past year, recently celebrating her “Runniversary” at our local Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Run.  I love Nela’s no-nonsense spirit and generous giving heart.

Nela Diaz Running

Meet Robin, who I have watched transform herself and push herself beyond what I would sometimes think would be humanly possible!  She never gives up on a workout even when her body works against her and she embodies and lives the word inspiration, in my mind, every time I see her pushing through a workout!  Her piercing blue eyes are full of heart and strength!  (I had to do a collage of photos for Robin because this girl does it all in her exercise routines each week!  I just in awe by every post she shares.)

Robin Bennett ExercisingFind Joy in the JourneyThese women and their inspiring journeys are what embody the reason I started my blog.  They also are so what I feel, the line of Momentum Motivation Wraps are all about!  Taking time and pride in what you choose to do each day to become a healthier, happier you.  Setting your mind on doing something may sometimes falter, but little reminders like the beautiful Motivate wraps from Momentum help us each time we look down at them.  I love my new piece that I received which reminds me each day to “find joy in the JOURNEY” which is what I strive to do every waking morning!

A little history about their company –

Momentum_workout wrapMomentum is the combination of my love for exercise and my over 20 years of jewelry making experience.  A little over a year ago, while doing the plank in my favorite class at the gym, I looked down at my wrist and realized that I needed to see something encouraging there!  I was struck with the inspiration for our first line of jewelry – our Motivate WrapTM.  Since then, it’s been a whirlwind – we’ve designed and deployed our website, improved and expanded our line of workout-friendly products, traveled to fitness conferences and events across the country, and have begun to establish ourselves in retail markets.

We are Momentum™….a perfect blend of over 20 years of jewelry making experience and our passion for fitness. We believe in jewelry as a beautiful means of expression. We believe in living your passion.

And because we believe in the importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle at an early age, 5% of our profits are donated to the national effort, Action for Healthy Kids. Founded in 2002, Action for Healthy Kids works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity by teaching kids to live healthy, active lives. Learn more at

Designs that Move You’s back story and what they stand for is exactly what I love about their company and what attracted me to it last year when I received my first Motivation Wrap, “stronger than yesterday”.  In order to be successful we must live it, believe it and BE IT!

Interested in checking out Momentum Motivation Wraps for yourself??  Or maybe a special gift for Mom!?!  Now through July 15th they are offering 15% off your purchase.  Just use coupon code GGS158 at checkout to receive the discount.  What are you waiting for?  AND don’t forget to follow Momentum. Designs that Move You on Social Media –

MOMENTUM. Designs That Move You

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