Tallahassee MRTT at Diva Peachtree CityI will not even try to lie or sugar coat the fact that for me, September 6th’s Run Like A DIVA race in Peachtree City, GA was by far my worst half marathon to date, BUT it was also one of the funnest times I have had in a while at a race.  I won’t bore you with the negative details of what kicked off my 2014-2015 Fall/Winter/Spring race season, but I will share that it was one of the best race weekends that I can remember.

You see this race weekend was all about our wonderful group, Moms RUN This Town and getting together with 4,000 of our closest runner friends, 400+ of which were fellow members and Chapter Leaders!  Which means when you get a bunch of us together we do nothing but push, encourage, inspire and motivate one another to cross that finish line, NO MATTER WHAT!

I have attempted to write this post at least 4 times since we returned from the race on September 6th, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I wanted all the negative thoughts and feelings that I had to be gone so that I could just share the joy of the race, which I want to share in photos!

So here we go . . .

We arrived at the Expo and I was excited to see friends Heather and Libby manning the 5K check-in table with other members!  I always love getting a photo with their smiling and encouraging faces!

Newnan Chapter Members at Diva

And then there was the dinner that we got to meet the “Main Mama In Charge” Pam!  Beyond excited for this face-to-face moment with this amazing lady!  She wears many hats and she wears them well!

Meeting Pam BurrusBut that evening reunited us with some of our other runner girlfriends like Jacy (pronounced Jackie) and Katie from Savanna and our girl Olivia from Orlando!

10639537_10202972216367952_3404219864652560510_nOrlando Chapter LeaderAnd then race morning arrived and we got to meet up for the MASSIVE group photo of the MRTT members that were able to make it in time!  It was so amazing being in this picture with all these inspirational runners!

MRTT Takes over DIVAAnd no race would be complete without seeing and hugging my special girl Anna, who would be running her VERY FIRST Half Marathon that day!  I was beyond proud and honored to give her a pre-race squeeze!!

Tammy & AnnaAnd then there were our special Tallahassee girls that encouraged and reassured me before and after the race even when tears flowed from what I took as defeat at the finish line.  These girls reminded me that it is not always about how quickly we finished, but that we finished, PERIOD!

Tallahassee MRTT at DIVA HalfTammy & Nita at DIVASavannah MRTT Chapter LeadersMy finish line photo, thanks to my girl Jacy, summed up how I felt the entire 13.1 (or as my watch said 13.69 miles) “Pain is Temporary, Half Marathon Pride is FOREVER!”

No matter how hard this race was, ultimately I finished.  It was hot, humid and I felt totally unprepared.  I saw many injuries on the course that day and many tears flowing, but in the end no one or nothing can break our spirit.  We run to challenge ourselves, we cannot improve if we do not fail occasionally and what matters most is that we get back up and try again . . .

So, now I prepare for race 2 of the season which will take me back to Georgia.  Allstate Atlanta 13.1 in Buckhead is knocking on my door and this time, I WILL BE ready for the challenge!

Until the next race recap I am wishing you Happy Miles and Swift Feet! xo

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  1. Thank you for getting that pic of Katie and I with you! I felt like I should have taken more pictures on the night of the meet and greet – I don’t think I took any actually. It was such a fun time! Sorry you didn’t have a great race, you did look super strong at the end. I almost missed you with my camera! Best of luck with the rest of your races this year!! <3

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