Embrace Every MommentIt’s Race Week, IT’S RACE WEEK!! . . . My long-awaited Half Marathon Season has arrived!  This weekend I will kickoff the 2014-2015 Race Season with my Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) Members and Chapter Leaders at the DIVAS Half Marathon in Peachtree City, GA and I couldn’t be more excited.  It has been a brutal Florida summer for training runs and I would be lying if I did not state that I have struggled to get them in, but as my race obligations approach I get more excited about the upcoming half marathons I will participate in and getting back to the long runs that I love so much AND THE COOLER WEATHER that is hopefully in our not too distant future!

I have cross-trained with cycling and tabata bootcamp to supplement my runs in order to get my leg strength back up and I’m really excited that recently I tackled 2 hills that I loathe on training runs without walking at all.  It was a good training run day to say the least.

What I will promise myself for the weekend . . .

  • I WILL – Listen to my body
  • I WILL – Practice mental toughness
  • I WILL – Do my best

So, with that all being said, I am anxiously anticipating the upcoming weekend and no matter what happens along my first 13.1 mile journey of the Fall season, I will Embrace.Every.Moment.

I will share my highlights Monday from the weekend, but until then I wish you Swift Feet and Happy Miles! xo

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