These days and months of 2014 seem to be flying by so quickly and often I find the most difficult part of that is to make time for my three loves – Family, Fitness & Nutrition.  Each week I feel like the struggle gets a little more difficult to make sure that I give the best attention to those things most important in my life because without any one of them, I don’t think I would be able to continue with the other.

So as I begin, yet another month, I really want to focus more on the right priorities and simply what should be and is important!

The Hubs & MeFamily – I am very lucky and grateful to have one of the most supportive families and husbands a girl could ask for!  ALWAYS encouraging me to just “GO FOR IT” and never look back, I realize how much they sacrifice encouraging me to do that every week.  While I continue to push towards my dreams, none of it would be possible without them.  I often look around and think, “wow, when did I get so lucky” but I also remember they are making sacrifices too for quality time spent bonding and living.  Without a strong support system we have are often lost!  My family is a gift, which I get to open every single day!

Final Tabata AssessmentFitness – 2014 has been such an amazing year for my relationship with fitness!  While running is still my first love, the certifications that I’ve gotten and implemented have helped me become a stronger athlete.  While I will still be a work-in-progress for a while because big change takes time, I know that each day when I am faced with the strong will to sleep in that the classes that await me are one step closer to where I really want to be.  This week we start the summer sessions of Tabata Bootcamp at the Studio and while I will be in classes as a student, I am excited to he leading the Monday evening class for Legs and Cardio.  I am excited about what my strength and endurance gains will bring me this fall for race season.  But I know whatever it does bring that I put in the time to get one step closer to achieving those goals.

Sweet Nectar Brussels SproutsNutrition – Ohhhh, the biggie!  Nutrition is never easy no matter what anyone tells you.  I am always tempted by good food, but recently after cutting the sugar, grains and beans out of my diet, I know that the longer I push to keep those changes in place the better my body will respond to dealing with stress and pushing through all those workouts and runs.  Last week on a trip with my husband to South Florida, we were just amazed (but mostly disgusted) about the options available and considered “good food” by many restaurants.  We finally found a great little place that offered vegetarian options (with a little omnivore delight for me) and opted to eat there both nights for dinner on our trip.  Good fuel does a working body good!

So as we begin to push through another month, I encourage you to remind yourself what’s important and make sure you nurture those relationships, whatever they may be or be with.  Quality of time always trumps quantity of time and sometimes all of it can be overwhelming.  Make sure you keep your eye on what is most important and JUST GO FOR IT!


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